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Oh ! These are fabulous ! Wish I could go !


you will absolutely love bill and kathy....so glad you are getting to go teach there.....xx

Bipolar Welllness Writer

What great art! It's such a pleasure to look at the terrific pieces you have created!

Judy Wilkenfeld

I'll come to the workshop - if ou pay the airfare - lol!!!
Love love love the wallhangings.


These are great Katie, I especially love the first one, such character in the face.

Judy Wise

And I love the one with the lace wings and the face that looks like the beautiful women in your gene pool. It is absolutely wonderful! xo


Oh how lovely it would be to attend one of your workshops, I envy the lucky girls who are able to. With any luck I may be able to travel to the US in 2009 for some art therapy!
Jo in Australia


Katie, We are SOOOOO EXCITED AND CAN'T WAIT for you to get to N. Carolina---Joyously Awaiting :)!


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