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she is my favorite yet! and i love what you said about her.
those eyes say it all. xo

Sharon @ Norah'S

I have really been enjoying your new series. You make it look so easy. I guess the joy you get from painting shows through.


What a wonderful series of faces... this final one seems to really speak to me :) Hope you have a lovely holiday weekend! Deb


I love her! I love them all and they will be very powerful when displayed in a grid together. Scorching brilliance Katie!

Judy Wise

you're really, really good at this. I love her tender expression; she seems so real. something must have shifted inside; where did they all come from?



I have been lurking on your blog for quite sometime now. I just had to tell you how much I like the newest series you are doing. I love the raw quality of your work, it reaches out and touches right to the core. You are a very gifted artist and I so enjoy coming over to see what you are currently sharing.

Thanks for the putting it out there!


Hi Katie ~ my wordplay to your lovely maid ...

She is beautiful. I love her direct gaze into people. She sees them True. She holds them in Faith in her heart. What Is Love Sees Love.


Hmm, I don't see her as a fighter but as a tired and sad person. Who just need some quiet space.

sue pieper

Katie, I'm not sure what I like best-the painting or the description of her soul & persona. But I do love it all, beautiful!

Susan Tuttle

Hi Katie,
I am really loving all of the lights and shadows on her face - such beautiful hints of color peaking through. Yes, she definitely is a strong spirit.


Judy Wilkenfeld

'She is not one for bullshit - she can spot it from a mile' away.



Love it!!!

Miz Katie

she looks like she could step off the computer screen and have a cup of coffee with me. i'm sure we would be friends.

Laura Miller

This series reminds me of a process I participated in then used with others called Voice Dialogue. Is this familiar to you? It is all just wonderfully disturbing. You are a genius. I am hoping to get to one of your classes. Just making final checks here.


Loving your faces collection. They have so much depth and character to them...just like the artist behind the painting.

Lorraine George

Katie, I love your new series of faces! They are so full of depth and texure. Wonderful!

deb trotter

My, Katie, how your style is progressing. Do you feel it? Know it? This one cuts me to the kwik so deeply. I do so love watching you grow.




Katie, just ran across your site a few days ago. I am bowled over by your face series.I wish I could take classes from you one day. Blessings to you on your endeavors!


She is magnificent. Strong indeed. I love your new series.

All the best,

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