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hi dear one, how are you? i am missing you...and seeing your photos and reading your words makes me wish you were here... just yesterday i took a bunch of my shadow shots at the lake...it made me smile to see yours.
i am still in PA, visiting and loving it. it is raining today, so we stayed longer than i had planned, but will be headed back soon enough.
take care! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Judy Wise

This place you visit it what makes you the artist you are. You bring back a little of that altered reality when you return and what you show to us then is pure gold. Love these photographs. When I saw the dried rose I thought, "how katie - to show us the beauty in the other". xo

kelly snelling

i appreciate the quiet quality of the photos and how they reflect where you are. they still sing and shine and mesmerize. we're all made up of light and dark, spark and shade. the challenge often is embracing them all and finding strength to pull them tightly together so we can just be who we are.

alex s

Ah, you make the world seem so possible Katie. Even if I can't be in those places for real, you make it seem like I am there, walking, contemplating the beautiful shadows. And I am suddenly joyful.

Thank you for sharing your generous self with us.


margaret field

sorry i havn't popped by for a while, buy boy, such beautiful art i have missed


lovely photos, they remind me of those those 8mm movies we watched back in the day, lol....
ps..thank~you for your sweet words you left about kitty......


God, these images are so evocative for me...I feel like floating in a dark pool of dreams. What a gift...



Beautiful photos Katie, I love the muted colours.

Fledgling Poet

I just received an Emily Dickinson book of poems that I can't wait to read...I love the one you posted and the beautiful photos to go along with it. Your blog is a joy to visit... :~)

P.S. Will you teach on the east coast in 2009? Taking a class with you is on my creative wish list!


I love these walks, it is like I am there, too. I would think I really was, if my legs looked better ;)

liz elayne

beautiful photos. the shadow pictures...seeing them is like an invitation to write from the perspective of my shadow self today.

sending you peace and light today...i look forward to seeing what creations have come forth from you lately...

Miz Carla

Awesome photos Miz Katie. I awarded you with a little something over at my blog.



oh what a delight visiting your world - such soulful inspiration...

xox - eb.

Susan Tuttle

Hello dear Katie,
your photos are magical and take us bloggers to a different place. The Emily Dickinson quote fits perfectly.

Your blog is a treasure and always a pleasure to visit.

I hope you are enjoying the gifts of summer.

Big hugs,


Thanks for letting us see the world through your eyes. I know exactly "where" you are right now, having been there many times myself. I think it's something sensitive souls (aka artists) share.

Now do tell how you got those lovely square photos with the dreamy borders.


Hello Katie - it's been a while since I stopped by for a proper visit... I haven't been blogging too much for the past long while. I came by to tell you that I gave you the Arte y Pico award on my blog... pick it up when you have the chance:) xxx - carla

Deryn Mentock

Is it down the rabbit hole or in the twilight zone? I know the feeling well! Pretty pictures dear Katie!


Glad you are enjoying your summer Sweetie..love the face series xoxox

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