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Judy Wise

oh katie, you are the weirdest, most wonderful artist I know. I think those kids not only need waterproofing, they need wetsuits and snorkles for their midnight highjinx. This was such a wonderful, filling post with so many juicy high points that I dont know whether to start with the camera link or to tell you how glad I am you left the paintings or how happy I am that you came out from under the tree canopy of the Tahuya River to visit with us. You always bring a whiff of mystery with you. A promise of your strange sweetness which is so nourishing and rare. xo


weirdest and wonderfullest and quirkiest and loveliest and I haven't even met you in the real yet.... oh Katie, whenever i come here for a visit, I can only sit in awe and say wow..... so wow to you my fine feathered friend (i'm sure you have wings somewhere tucked away underneath your clothes) and also may a suggest an underwater picnic table and chairs for the midnight swim?

kelly snelling

you always make so much sense to me. it is good to be with people but the energy required and the energy absorbed is quite fantastic and can be very exhausting. it is good to be home and hear the birds. that is just perfect. it's like a big bowl of soup. the things that refuel your wellspring. i do love your creatures. boy they are lively and magical. and your paintings are grand. i was especially drawn the last one with the face and the horse. at first it reminded me of a little tea cup or a little tea pot with the face then i saw the horse. and all that was so much fun to have it come to life and change itself in my eyes. lovely, lovely stories there you have made.

Carla Sonheim

You make sense to me, too!!!


i understand so very well. i have been thinking about how much i need people and how much i want and love to be alone...it doesn't make sense, but it DOES! I think that is why the blog world is so good for people like us...it's here when we want to reach out, but isn't invading when we need to be introverted and quiet.
You know how much I would have loved to have been there with you and Judy and JESSE...sigh... ;-) i love your pieces you created with him...and the paper mache...too cool!
You inspired me to take the camera and wrap it like you did...wow...such better results, i am loving it all over again. your images you have been taking with the camera are so dreamy....lovely. xoox


I so totally get this.
Love all your photos. (I took one of his shoes too) Funny I have been dabbling in papier mache too. I like to do it the Syd way, she taught a great papeir mache class at artfest one year.

Catherine Witherell

What a great post! I love your talk about Jesse Reno's class! I get to be in it in a few weeks and I am so excited! And then I am going to get to be in your class in October and it is such a wonderful thing to have one after the other. You are so clever!

Catherine Witherell

The words "expanding our horizons" comes to my mind. I am just loving it all the way you write it.


Wow Katie! What a great post. I need to read and re-read it. Lots of good stuff in there. What a treat to take the art class. I'd love to have a class like that. Love, Angela

Deryn Mentock

I love the pieces you created in Jesse's workshop. I'll be taking one with him in a few weeks and can only hope to come up with something as wonderful as what you and Judy did! I've been collecting a few old cameras myself and have been looking for one of these so I can try the "tube" technique. Great photos!

Laura Miller

You are wonderfully deep and beautifully dark. I am sooooo wanting to take your class on those cardboard journals. I have made 2 paintings on distressed cardboard and I can't stop thinking about the gauze and cheese cloth... I have the article in the magazine, but it would be too wonderful to have YOU show me in a class. I'll keep checking for one I can get to.

Wellness Writer

How neat is this? Wow. It's great fun to see someone's process and then to see the finished product. Thanks for sharing. Seems like you're feeling better. Glad to hear it.



I love your magical and transcendent posts, which describe the delicious banquet your inner eye sees. There is a wonderful richness of a vision, which comes to us in the form of a dream, packed full of hieroglyphics and languages only our soul may know. Your paintings with Jesse are inspiring and they have fueled the excitement that I have for the class I am taking with him in a few weeks. I wish I could see your spirit dolls in person. They remind me of the trickster in both Native American and Europeaen mythology.:D


hi katie, i really needed this post, to know i am not the only one who struggles with being an introvert at times. i am feeling a bit overwhelmed now and when i do i retreat. :) i have meant to visit here or send an email for what must be over a week now. one to thank you for your comments on my blog, to say i am thrilled you and misty are enjoying TTVF technique. it is fun isn't it. i just love the effect and the photos you have taken really are like a dream. just wonderful. secondly i want to say how much i enjoyed what you had to say in the true vision book about working intuitively. some sort of shift happened as i read your words and i am still processing it all.
katie, thank you so much.
blessings for a beautiful day,


hi katie~ love the pieces you made in the workshop. They are so energetic and magical and so you! It must have been fun to work big. I want to start working big soon.

If you're ever in chicago...we will have to get together! I wish we could have met up while I still lived in Seattle. :( Hopefully our paths will cross again, somewhere!

Catherine Witherell

I had to come back and see what you did in the class now that I have done it and I really like these. Especially the bird on the polka dot ground! How interesting to see them with new eyes.

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