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Oh how I do so love your faces. The collaged faces class sounds really neat and I love the windchime looking thingy. I would hang it from the ceiling in my spare room. I like how it is hanging on a piece of wood. I like nature inspired things! I would love to take one of your classes, but am afraid I'll never make it; unless retirement comes early (does that ever happen?) LOL
Thanks for sharing your artwork and life with us here in blogland.

Judy Wise

Wow, look at you, in magnificent full sail with your creativity, teaching, mothering and mentoring others. Beautiful life; so generous, kind and lovely miss katie. I look up to you in every way. xo


oh katie.... i keep saying that BUT.... oh katie! the new class for artfest sounds so beautiful. the photos you have posted are gorgeous - yum, yum, yum. now all i need is a time travel machine to wizz me over to your side of the world and back in no time at all, just enough time for artfest i'd say! you'll all be there.....xoxoxo


What great class samples! I hope you are enjoying our lovely weather and that your leg is better. xox


your classes sound fun.
i love the idea of using old album covers.


Bipolar Welllness Writer

What a nice piece about your choice of the album covers, and wanting a family cemetery on your property.

When my mom died last October, I had her remains put in a biodegradeable urn so I could place "her" in the ocean with rose pedals. It was a magnificent day!

Your art classes sound wonderful!



What fabulous classes, I adore the symbols shaping space, so inspiring. Love them all

nancye's art and beautiful junk

What wonderful work!
Stop by my blog and see a surprise for you.


I love your work!!!!!!!

Linda O'Neill

Wow, mucho goodo work you've been doing, Katie. I LOVE the symbols mixed media piece. Fantastic!


love love love those faces!!


I think I have a reason to go A&S 2009!


I wish you would come to Toronto to teach. I wish there was some way to organize it. I wish... I'll just put it out there and let the Universe do something about it. Haha!

Colette xoxo


Katie, you are so awesome... LOVE your latest faces!!

robin dudley-howes

I have loved your work since I first saw the wonderfull dolls in a CPS issue. I just love them and your current paintings. You are an inspiration.

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