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Angie Platten

Katie, these are so darling! I KNOW that a table full of these would not be full for long! They are really cute.

Sharon @ Norah'S

So cute, everybody's gonna want one.

karen Cole

Very cute, Katie. I love how the little faces peek out.

Happy belated anniversary. Mine was on the 22nd. 30 years for us, yikes!

.....and Jesse Reno? WOW , your work looks great!


These are so very cute. A whole family of them sitting together on your table will be adorable.


Very cute, Katie!
Hey, I've awarded you the Arte y Pico Award, so if you're interested in playing bloggy games and stuff, come on over to my blog and check it out...

maria little

I LOVE MINE that at I purchased at Art Fest this past April!


I take it you already sold them? I looked at the website and they aren't there. I was wondering if I could possibly afford them...

I haven't seen a piece of work you've done that I wouldn't like in my home.

Maija Lepore

Oh! As if those little darling would linger in your shop!

alex s

:-) The softie sisterhood! Mine whispers poetry in my ear while I'm working.



Lovely work, Katie. I hope you're having a wonderful time.

All the best,

Catherine Witherell

Those are sure cute and pretty!

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