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Angie Platten

Wow Katie, You have a great story! And maybe you didn't get that out in the country low key kind of wedding but you did get that kind of life! And you are still married to the same guy and that says a lot! Congratulations!

Judy Wise

Happy Anniversary my wonderful friend. Walt looks like such a hippie! Ha ha. In my wedding picture I had an AFRO - I wouldn't show it to anyone. You guys look great. Thank you so much for sharing this. I just love it when you throw open your heart and let fly.


beautiful...happy anniversary...
I'd love a wood stove for mine...and we are thinking of getting one for the new house...

Mary Ann

blowing a kiss to
you and your walter, may you have MANY more days in the country together
kept snug and dry by the woodstove.

Wellness Writer

I think it's great to be married to the same man for so many years. My husband and I have been together for almost 30 years, and married for 26. When I see friends divorce--again and again--I'm so grateful I found someone I love and our relationship has evolved over time.


what is funny is i was 3months pregnant when i got married too but i didnt know it, just thought i fainted at the altar because it was so dang hot..lol who knew, but i had a beautiful baby we named heather! no longer married, i should had taken the fainting as an omen but i still have my beautiful beautiful heather!!


dang, katie - a date to see the new batman movie? heck, i'm jealous!!! jealous of having a studio big enough for a woodburning stove, too. life is grand!
you were a beautiful bride, but not nearly as beautiful as you now are, inside AND out. xo

Kim H

wooo hoo! Fantastic story! (And I was doing that very same thing 29 yrs ago tomorrow!!) People always say my hubby looked like a Beatle!

Stephanie Lee

CONGRATULATIONS, Katie and Walter!!
Call me old fashioned, but I'm a sucker for a wood-burning stove. We've always had one except in our last house and I missed it terribly! A glass front so the flames can dance on the walls, a cup of tea in hand, the sound of rain on the skylight...my favorite kind of winter.

Blessings to you and Walter. YOU say "Pale", I say "radiant". :)



Oh dear! what a gift you are. I come as usual to visit for a spell and find that today you are celebrating a milestone, and I want to send you a million wishes for the next twenty eight, filled with laughter and good health, dreams that come true and butterfly wings to carry them for many years to come.

Looking forward to spend time with you and Judy soon,



Happy anniversary Katie, what a grand couple you make. I hope you enjoy the movie, my husband also wants to drag me along too. I shouldn't complain though I managed to get him to see Mama Mia.


so sweet, happy day!!!!

kelly snelling

i think the photo is awesome! i love the expressions you both have on your faces. congratulations on 28 years together! it really is a journey and good to have someone lovely by your side.


Congrats on your anniversary...beautiful!



Happy 28 years dear Katie!!! A woodstove sounds nice. ;-)
That photo is so sweet. xooxox


happy anniversary! :)


Belated Happy Anniversary to you and Walter. Looking back, it's obvious you did the right thing ;)

Colette xox

Catherine Witherell

Happy Anniversary! That photo! Wow it is so cool! For me it will be 23 years in October. Nice to have something in your life so strong it last through everything.

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