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If there is photo to define Happiness with a capital H that would be yours.

You don't look like a goofball at all, you look like "my cup is spilling smiles it is so filled with Happiness" look. And the photo of your girls is nothing less than a repetition of yours. Nothing like love to make things glow is there?.

To add to your cup I am sending some love from here ;-)


ohhh beautiful! i can taste the cool salt air. i can feel your family love...preciously delicious.thanks for the taste of coastal summer.

Maija Lepore

OMG! All your girls are so beautiful!!
Did you write on your photo using a bamboo pad?


Edward and I are enjoying our first visit to your beautiful blog! Such a lovely place you have here. We shall return!

Laura Miller

Wonderful photos of a wonderful day. Your daughters are beauties, you look sublimely goofey if that means happy and how did you ever manage to get that little darling to look so much like you??? Reading this post makes me feel good. Thanks

Judy Wise

Pure, sweet goodness. Wherever did you find all those incredibly beautiful people? Your cup runneth over m'lady. xo

liz elayne

so much happy in those photos. i can't help but smile widely as i scroll and look at each one.


and the perfect way to handle the heat. thank goodness it is a bit cooler...

misty Mawn

it is so wonderful to see you with your beautiful family. it looks like a perfect day!
you are going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it here in Wisconsin, every little bit of it!

Mary Beth Shaw

The joy on each face is divine. What a gorgeous family, you lucky girl.


I can' get over how much Violet looks like you!

alex s

Oh! Bliss. What a beautiful post to come home to.

Goofball? Only the most beautiful goofball ever to grace our world.

xo to the tenth.

robin dudley-howes

thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog..it really means a lot. and it was nice to briefly meet you before I had to leave home from AU. wasn't AU magical and childlike?

Your daughters look like models! I'm sure you've heard that before. They are gorgeous and of course your grandchildren..way too cute. My daughter's name is Violet. I think we chattered about that breifly.

I sigh when I see your work. So absolutely inspiring.


Wellness Writer

Great photos. What a beautiful family. Everyone looks so happy and healthy! How lucky you must feel!



Great photos of a beautiful and loving family. Looks like such fun!


Thank you so much for posting pictures from the beach! Being a native Washingtonian, I miss those chilly, foggy days and the strong smell of salt water along the Washington coast. I could imagine myself exactly there when I was little. thanks!


What magical pictures...I love the coast when it's foggy! Your colors are so soft and misty and your family is SO beautiful! Roxanne

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