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kelly snelling

wow, wow, wow! the artwork is all so varied, vibrant, and exciting. i bet you all had the best time. and i can't get over how big your little grandgirls are getting! goodness mercy they are sprouting up like little trees. so precious! i hope heather is feeling much better. i'm sure she tremendously appreciates having you there. so lucky to have her mama nearby.

vicki cook

Such stunningly beautiful artwork posted here! what an amazing time you must've had with so many other creative souls!

... and I'll bet it feels great to be back home. To your river, your birds and your family! So serene! - vicki


hi katie, i really enjoyed seeing all of the artwork from the class. and the sweet pics of the little ones, children and swallows. :) hope heather is feeling better--so hard to be sick and be a mommy. my heart goes out to her. thankfully she has you and she is so lucky in that!



I heard from my sweet friend Renee that your class was wonderful! The pictures are fabulous!


"imagine flying for the first time" ...somehow you capture that sacred place each time you paint. so sweet to meet you katie...you are an inspiration.


Dear Katie,
So glad you had a wonderful time at AU. The photos from your classes are gorgeous, such vibrant and energetic work.
The pics of the grandbabies are darling..they are growing up so fast!

Wellness Writer

Loved reading about your teaching and seeing your photos from the poetry in motion class. What adorable grandchildren! What a full life!


Miz Carla

Hey honey
I just had to tell you that I had two batches of swallows just like yours this year...in the same nest even! Just when I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I saw the first batch of babies flying safely--I realized there was another batch.

I love my little barn swallows.

xoxos to you

Mike Jennings


I really enjoyed meeting you and talking with you at AU this year; I look forward to seeing you again next year, or perhaps at artfest...

--Mike Jennings
--Hannh Grey Curiosities & Drygoods

Joy Logan

What a fun class that must have been Katie!

Erin McMillen

I love the work from your classes Katie! I wish I had been able to take more from you, but hopefully I will get in at Artfest! I've posted my project from Cardboard Visual Journal on my blog if you would like to see it. =) Have a wonderful week!


loved, loved, loved this post. I think I got to know you more today. You have lovely daughters and the trip to the beach looked so relaxed, calming and fun. Your granddaughter is a treasure. The artwork, omg, the artwork was awesome. Thank you ever so much for sharing. I envy those that get to attend these retreats and take the class, envy! Envy is not a good thing is it? I treasure posts such as this that show me the wonderful and inspirational things others are making. Never mind the "how?"!
Your blog is another one of my favorites.

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