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have you seen the "what if" blog?

your basting project reminded me of her projects

Wellness Writer

I love the idea of journaling this way and combining poems with fabrics, and quilts.

When my mom died last October, I saved all her hats, shoes, and purses (to photograph before giving them away to a theater arts department at a local college), and I have her poems, and I'm thinking I could do a book like the one you're doing to commemorate her life. Thanks!



ahhhh, basting.... most necessary to stop things from falling through the holes. Or, so my fashion design graduate cousin said when I, teaching myself the rules of sewing, commented that I thought it was the roast meat that was basted to stop it from burning, and how does that work in a sewing pattern....
i love being self taught!

mary ann

and what if i climbed inside your cardboard journal and covered it over with a spare scrap of kimono fabric? and what if i climbed back out after dark and stole away to your hammock and read in the moonlight?

what then?


I loved your last what if idea. The folded pages mixed with cardboard or waterpainting papers would be wonderful. The folded fabric quilts would make great cover pages too. Alice looks so very happy on her page. I write poetry and really should make art to surround my poems. What if I give that a try? Hmmmm......

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