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Allegra Smith

of all the beautiful things photographed here, I take the last one. The peaceful smile - hidden but so evident - at the view within, the blessing of creating so much beauty can be seen even by those who share the moment out of time.

Darling, the pages are gorgeous and so are you. Spent the afternoon with Judy and you were a very sweet part of our conversation. Hope for all of us to get together soon. Hugs,



peaceful is just what comes to mind for me, too...i feel so peaceful here, thank you! i want to hold your journal with my own hands and then take it to a shady tree and sit with it for awhile, by your river would be the perfect spot.


all is beautiful xo


Beautiful photos and fabulous journal pages. The texture is great. The book looks as if it would be very heavy. I love the pages as they are, works of art in their own right.

Stephanie Lee

As always, dear Katie, I LOVE what comes from your spirit, through your hands. If I had to pick a favorite child...er, um...page, I would say the third one down...the one with the bare trees. Uhohhhh...makes me swoon!!!

But...even more beautiful, is that smile that I can see on your face. Even with the mouth unseen and the eyes closed, you radiate a spirit of joy!! Thank you for sharing!!


Susan Tuttle

Hi Katie my friend! -- how are you? Your photographs are truly soothing -- especially the one of the rocks in the water and the miracle of the heart shaped rock. You look so relaxed and peaceful -- what a wonderful way to spend the last days of summer.

I love the textures present in your pages -- the corrugated cardboard adds such a wonderful dimension.



very cool journal, like misty i want to hold it in my hands!


I love the shadow in the water and the "heart" rocks. As a kid I use to collect odd rocks like that. We were off-roading yesterday in a creek bed and I came across a group of rocks that had designs on them like snake skin. I left the rocks there for others to discover, but did take pictures. I'll be posting them sometime soon. It's amazing what you can find if you just open your eyes.


The journal pages are beautiful! Just too beautiful!! And the photo with your shadow in the water and the stones, is just magical ...


Your journal pages are so textural and rich. I would love to be able to turn the pages and see it in person. Also lovely photo's of the river. I love the blue stones and the feel of the whole day... roxanne

alex s

Oh, I am so in love with these pages. The first one is intensely beautiful. What a beautiful gift you give us Katie.

Wellness Writer

Love the work; love the photographs. Since I live in Los Angeles, looking at your photographs made me feel like I need to take a hike in the mountains this weekend. But during the time I looked at them, I felt I was on vacation! Thanks.


I love your cardboard journal. You create not just for yourself but for those of us that do not have nearly enough time to do with our hands what our hearts and minds want to do, create!. I can see the inspration the river had for you. What lovely photos.


So very lovely, your photos and journal ... Makes my being tingle and long to create too ...


What a beautiful journal, even if you don't add anything more.

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