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Sharon @ norah'S

Well thank you Katy for the Spirit Cloth link. I'm afraid I am now doomed.....with the making of spirit cloth. I did resist digging in as I am in the middle right now of about 29 projects. But I saved the link so I can go back and devour.
Great new pieces.


Love your new Windows...those little arms make me smile! hope to make a cigar box altar too...
your "girls" are so beautiful!!!

Judy Wise

Fabulous paintings; you are endlessly inventive. And the poetry. Dang, you're good!


love the little arms, too...so sweet!
is that your river? it's so deep....a perfect place to learn how to swim. :-)
have you thought about setting up video calls? Then you could see each other when you talked....pretty cool and makes the distance so much shorter.
i am thinking of you tonight, knowing that heavy hearted feeling that hangs when it comes to goodbyes. sending love xoxox

oh... and thank you so much for the link to spirit cloth, wow! i am in awe and have bookmarked her... so very inspiring.


lots of folks coming my way from here.....thank you for making my day!

kelly snelling

"it is better to burn out then to fade away." amen, neil! it sounds like life is abundantly good, katie. the little windows are sooo cool. and thanks for posting the fabric blogs. much to explore and inspire. xo-k


just loved this class Katie !! it was soo fun and inspiring !!! I loved the new techniques I learned !!


cuppla things.... once a golden retriever hits water, he'll never leave!!! our beautiful Dave, who is sadly no longer with us, used to swim and swim and swim! he was so funny to watch.... splashing his big fat paws through the water trying to catch the bubbles as he went! we used to say he was fishing!
thank you so much for the link to the spirit cloth site - wow - another new thing to play with!
and those little window gals are exquisite! you are a blessing Katie Kendrick xoxoxo


Your window pictures are lovely. Kind of wistful yet full of peace! Roxanne

Whimsies Folksies

I'm with everyone else... I love the little arms. These paintings are too cute! Wanting to take your class! ~Joann


Your windows are so creative (just like you). I love the arms also. They really make the piece pop.
Do show us more.

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