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sue pieper

Cool! Have been going over your supply list & checking it twice, being very happy that I started saving cardboard months ago in preparation for class. Can't wait to finally meet you!!

kelly snelling

yum, yum, yum! oooh my heavens it is excellent. oh! those songs are sort of freaking me out on your play list up there. we Really do like the same sorts of songs! we're a couple of folkies, katie. :0)


i love the colours in this piece Katie.... all rusty and delicious


hi katie:)
love this!
i just want to reach out and feel the texture of this piece. the expression on the person reminds me of someone i know---a friend i have that is just so calm and sincere.


Wonderful colours and textures! As someone right at the start of beginning to experiment with art materials and at a ripe old age, I hope I'll learn to be as creative ... alexa


So glad to be catching up on your blog. Love the new photos and art. Wedding Invitation....tooo cool! Happy Wednesday KK!


i am here, feeling the same. wishing we could share that cup of tea, have dinner at Bang (that is where we had lychee martini's...yum) and stay up late in the studio... when?

karen Cole

So much beauty in your life, Katie.

I haven't visited in awhile, so I paged down a bit.

I love the cardboard journal cover. Beautiful colors.

your family.....wow
the wedding invite....wowza
the quilting....


robin dudley-howes

Katie..your work is so inspiring. I gave you a virtual award. check it out!


I love how the background wording peeks through. She reminds me of a sturdy and stern librarian at my Catholic School. She looked stern and sturdy but her eyes always told us differently.
Lovely cover!!


Hi Katie,
What a sublime piece! I'm working on a venue for you to come to South Alabama! xoxoxo


Very nice, love the muted colors in this piece!

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