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Judy Wise

Soft and beautiful. It's going to be a wonderful invitation.


I haven't commented in a while because all I ever have to say is oooh and aaahhh...

Your work is just so beautiful and it defies saying anything intelligent about it!!


the tender regard that you convey touches me all these many miles away. thank you for painting, sharing,celebrating the music of love...

you have sweetened my moment...


sweet katie, this is wonderful! this reminds me greatly of the emotions of chagall (am i spelling that correctly?) - full of color and love and life and light. your work deserves every bit of the fanfare that his has throughout the years, and more. it is very much YOU, and i know your daughter and future son in law must be very proud of you...xx


just beautiful! xoxoxo

kelly snelling

it made me all woozy and teary, but i am a big sap. it is so perfectly lovely, katie. this will be a treasure for them always, throughout their beautiful blessed life together.

sue pieper

It's so perfect, everything about it! That's something that they'll treasure forever. Are you giving them the original painting as well?

Judy Merrill-Smith

What a beautiful invitation this will make! I especially love the music in the background, and the big, big eyes.


Oh KAtie, I can't find the words to express what I am feeling after =viewing this post except to say that Marissa and Mick are two lucky people.
Beautiful, I hope you'll be sharing the finished product (invitations) with us.

Cindy Ericsson

so lovely, so intimate, like what the songs try to convey -- "I only have eyes for you"


It's a beautiful piece and does have the energy of a Chagall. Lovely. What a magnificent gift.


It's a very nice design, the blue stands out.


Love and joy pour out of this piece, Katie. What a very special gift to celebrate the union of two lives. The blue you used in the background emphasizes the love between the two figures. Beautiful job. : D

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