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Beautiful artwork to go along with one of my most favorite poems.

Laura Miller

When this image loaded, I literally gasped. Very striking and stirring.

Sharon @ norah'S

I swear she is looking right through the monitor with her piercing eyes. Wonderful


sigh...you don't paint with your hand,love. You do it with your soul.

And yes, as soon as Judy is back is going to be our time. The three of us to celebrate being together, we need no other reason.


deep sigh. i breathe in i breathe out and i thank you. xo


love those beautiful eyes!!

Judy Merrill-Smith

Beautiful! And one of my all-time favorite cummings' poems to boot!


OM MY I just love this! So much soul and emotion. Cool beans KK!

sue pieper

Wow!! Katie, this is a powerful, wonderful piece of art! It's not often that I'm at a loss for words, but this is amazingly beautiful!


wow katie, i missed a lot in a few days away from the computer. you have been up to creating some amazingly beautiful breathtaking pieces.
the images also of your walk were so lovely....another wow.
i am leaving from my visit here feeling like i do when i finish my yoga---renewed and centered...
thank you katie....


so powerful, makes me think of the buddhist practice of tonglen which I have been trying lately

kelly snelling

leaping greenly spirit of trees! i love, love e.e. cummings...and Katie, Katie, Katie!


She is so soulful and peaceful , but playful too. As if she just came in from dancing under the trees... I love it. Roxanne


Fabulous! I love that you never stop pushing your own boundaries!

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