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judy wise

Where do I sign up for this class? xo


katie, i am reminded of the lovely work of cooper edens - remember the books i showed you when you were visiting? this is so so lovely -
see you soon! x

Stephanie Lee

SO beautiful...as always. LOVE the feeling it gives me!


Oh! Katie. You seriously need to make these into Christmas/Solstice cards. And I'll put in a pre-order now. Yum!

Laura Miller

enchanting, as always. The suggestion for cards is a good one.

Maija Lepore

I just love how your work is always changing and evolving! It's always so fresh!


sigh. you evoke so much emotion with your work. i love this piece. xo

Susan Tuttle

My heart goes aflutter just looking at this beautiful piece Katie!


alex s

This piece feels very spiritual to me. Evokes shedding and stillness and new growth. She looks like she is wearing a cicada's shell... beautiful Katie.

Shari Beaubien

I can't wait to see you, Katie... AND spend the day with you in class! xoxo Shari

sue pieper

Katie, it's beautiful!


dancing around the fire ring..i love it!

Karen Cole

Wow, wow, wow.

Haven't visited in a bit. You are so versatile and prolific!

Starting at the cloth piece and working my way up through the journal and more. It all looks beautiful, Katie.


This piece is adorable, I agree, it would make a beautiful Christmas card.


What is it about trees? I am always so touched seeing them in art, and I am always drawn to using them in mine. They are the silent observers of the world... they host so much life within their leaves and beneath their roots... they mark the seasons for us... they stand tall through time. Your little person reminds me of a fairy tale... I wonder where she's going... This piece is pure enchantment!

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