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i feel very much that valley ridge, kathy, and bill are my home and family away from home - and go back each year full of excitement, joy, and laughter...then come home feeling homesick, if that is a possibility. so glad you've had the chance to experience it all! see you SOON xx

judy wise

Praying for a tail wind and that you'll be able to get proposals together for Arizona. Everyone loves you and needs you. xo

Allegra Smith

"May the Sun
bring you new energy by day.

May the Moon
softly restore you by night.

May the rain
wash away your worries.

May you walk
gently through the world
and know it's beauty
all the days of your life"

Apache Blessing

From me to you, heart in hand.


valley ridge is another heaven on earth and bill & kathy are her keepers..i love returning there every year and it always feels like i never left...xox
ps..i got your HUGE hug from misty.

Susan Tuttle

Hi Katie my friend,
Your time at Valley Ridge radiates bliss! How lovely to have such a nice intimate group to work with. I love the photographs and memories you shared. It is definitely a place I would like to check out some time. Have a wonderful trip to Art and Soul. Say hi to Misty for me.


sue pieper

Katie, it was a true pleasure to take your class, but especially to finally (finally!!) meet you!


enjoy your break and may you get lots of satisfaction from your work while you are away from us.


Valley Ridge looks like heaven! I can't believe A&S is just around the corner and I will be frantically working on getting ready till I arrive. See you soon!

Wellness Writer

Another great post that allows me to pretend that I, too, am in nature. How nice is this?


judy wilkenfeld

sounds so wonderful there. Good luck with your missions and cya soon xoxoxox


What a beautiful post and story. I love the native american poem, and the pages in the journal that you shared! Roxanne

Judy Merrill-Smith

Sounds so good for your soul! Good luck with all that lies ahead -- I'm on a frantic pace right now too -- don't forget to breath!!!


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