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Sharon @ norah'S

simply amazing!!

Stephanie Lee

BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh what a fast little stitcher you are! :) I'm SO not that far along. Must have something to do with preparing two little ones for the first day of school...remembering my studio after so long gone...raking, mowing, digging, planting, etc. etc. I LOVE your piece!! THank you for sharing!!!


how very beautiful!

Wellness Writer

So very lovely!


oh katie, i love them, they are wonderful...so you! xoxo


oh wow! this is gorgeous! xoxo


What a wonderful way to combine your two loves. Your textures and colors in your tapestry collage are so interesting, I need to take another look. I love your art! Roxanne

Whimsies Folksies

So original and unique! Beautiful!!!

Judy Wilkenfeld

Wow wow wow - i love it. theres something about stitching fabric and its primitive yet complex nature that is sooooo appealing.


Wow, this piece looks totally different now! What great work and concept.. .


perfect. nice job. i finally got my internet working!


WOW!! This is absolutely amazing! I love what you have done, and the layering, it all has my creative juices running! Love ALL of your recent work!

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