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Judy Wilkenfeld

I adore this fabric book - the techniques look awesome.
I think I have the same sickness as you- the 'up to the last minute disease thingy'.


i love him with all my heart. ;-)


i love him with all my heart. ;-)


the fabric looks so enticing! I love the floppiness and color choice. *sigh*

judy wise

What beautiful work! I love the boy, the fabric, everything. I want to touch all of it. You are incredible. Have a wonderful trip. xo


The fabric journal is wonderful, but I love your painting of the boy. Very interesting. Have fun on your trip!

Allegra Smith

The little faun from your woods! what an adorable creature. He must write poetry and play the flute and never heard of tv or nintendo. He looks thoughtful as if wondering how to create a space to protect the birds now that the big tree has fallen. I love him. He oozes thoughtfulness and caring. The Imagine boy. Yeah, that is him alright. Love you girl, your soul comes out to play with everything you do, have a safe trip, hope to see you when you get back.



Your fabric book is FABULOUS! I adore these pages!


Yeah...getting your kits done! I know that was a big job. Have fun in Texas.


I love the face you painted in fall colors... AND your fabric journal pages. Someday I would love to try this! Roxanne

Dayna Collins

Katie, I sure wish I could be in Houston with you making art! I'll have to settle with being in Italy shopping at outdoor antique markets!!

Cindy S-E

Have a wonderful trip - they are so lucky to have you coming to teach. Safe and happy travels.

ro bruhn

Another fabulous journal Katie, as always they are so inspiring.


what an amazing journal... your art has such a calming effect to me. always a pleasure to peek in here and see what you've been creating :)

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