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Oh my dear friend, I will definitely keep good thoughts for you and your land. You and those that have done this to your land are in my prayers. May you all be blessed with understanding and may the land feel your caress.
Blessed Be,


you will find your balance again, you will!
i keep you in my heart and thoughts, always.
wishing peace comes for you and walter soon.

sue pieper

Oh Katie, I am truly so sorry. I do know how much thta land of yours, and having a little land & trees of our own, it's a safe bet that I'd be livid. And I'm not sure I'd be able to forgive, you're a tough cookie to be able to do that & a much better person than I am. But as Misty said, you'll find your balance again, and I really do hope that the day you & Walter feel peace again comes soon. Take care, ok?


oh, I am so sorry you have to go through this...
warm thoughts your way.

nelda ream

Your land is beautiful. It is easy to understand your anger at the abuse it received. Your actions against the vandals are thoughtful and generous. My prayer is that you would reap the generosity you have sown in this situation.

Cindy In Carolina

Humans are just too much sometimes, aren't they.


urg! I hear ya sister! two weeks and counting to property warfare aka hunting season. I hold my breath for those 6 weeks every year. xoxo


I understand your pain. When land by our house was threatened, I needed to be there quietly and make a personal ceremony. I hope it doesn't sound wacky... it was very sacred, actually. If you know anyone who is trained in reiki, you can send that energy to the land and trees and animals. I will send you reiki from Texas.....
(I tried to sign up for you class in Houston, but it was full.)

Allegra Smith

Having the same kind of "neighbors" I can relate not only about the incomprehensible indifference to the beauty of the land and its gifts but about their callous attitude towards all the blessings that it represents.

There are sacrifices we must make in order to bring knowledge to others sometimes. Perhaps in the great scheme of things this warning from Walter is all that is needed for them to begin at least to stop the vandalism. I don't place high hopes on them understanding why they are not supposed to violate both privacy and property, but as with most insensitive people, the fear of legal retribution instead of the courtesy of respect sometimes appears to work wonders. So sad.

You have my love and friendship and my support and some day, maybe, perhaps, just wishing it with all my heart, people will learn to live with each other and celebrate our differences while respecting our ways.

Linda O'Neill

What would become of us without beautiful rivers and forests surrounding us? They are part of us...so I feel your anger and pain, Katie...I would be pissed off too!

I will keep good, warm thoughts for you and send healing blessings to the trees you love so much.

Judy Merrill-Smith

I'm holding you, and your neighbors, and your land, up in the light, praying for healing.

Judy Merrill-Smith

I hold you up in the light (and your neighbors, and your land) -- I know there is healing for all of you!


The anger and sadness of this happening truly hit me. Such a trespass is horrible in and of itself but to have it be a neighbor and someone you know? Ugh that is just horrible. My thoughts go with you and your tree forest friends. Walk through them and as I'm sure just like in these pictures, spend time among them and let your caring and energy flow.


Holding you and your sacred space in my thoughts. I'll place stones in "my" river tomorrow for healing for your place.


Hold strong yet peaceful for a good resolution. There is nothing you can do about the sad viewpoint that some will take, but you can remain confidently, peacefully strong and continue to do the right thing, the just thing. Tough to do when you feel so violated -- I will continue to think of you.


It is very sad. No wonder you are so upset. I guess the trees were like family. To have it happen on your own property is just terrible.


I so love reading your posts and seeing the wonderful work you create & how your soul is fed by the beautiful environment you live in. So it is sad to hear that your spiritual balance is being disturbed by the insensitive, inconsiderate and selfish actions of others. I am sending enormously positive rays of goodwill all the way from South Africa and with it the wish that your neighbours respond positively to your appeal and respect your property.


i know the anger you feel for your river as i feel for my road~the one we drive daily..people drive like it is a speedway harming innocent animals that are just looking for their next meal...we take their land let them be safe...i have a lot of anger that builds daily when i see those sweet creatures in the road and they are not sleeping..ugh!everytime i think about it, it just makes me sick..anyway, i am keeping you and family in my thoughts and prayers that this gets resolved peacefully...much love from good manor~kim

Wellness Writer

Dear Katie,
I am so very sorry. Your land is my only regular glimpse of nature, and I imagined that things were so peaceful and gentle in your neck of the woods. It's unbelievable that anyone could want to purposefully harm the trees and/or animals.

My thoughts and prayers are with you--for your land, and you and Walter.


Maija Lepore

Hang in there, baby! I can sense the pain and sadness you must be feeling over this invasion.

Elizabeth Golden

Ooh I have gone through this myself and I know how violated you feel. It is one of those things you just feel deep in your gut. It is hard to imagine someone coming on to your property and removing something of yours. The nerve...

I do have a funny story about a similar incident. I friend planted all these lovely trees, watered them, watched them grow. All by a small lake that was river fed. One of the neighbors across the lake had a dog who would bark for hours, chained, out of loneliness. She reported him. Words were exchanged. About a week later her trees began to disappear. Night after night for almost a week. She called me one morning distraught and threatening blood, I hopped in my car and was there in a flash. Asking to see the trees she took me in the back yard. All that was left was some chips. I asked to walk along the shore and sure enough I found her trees. The beavers had built a lovely dam. Several weeks later a terrible storm came through. Terrible flooding in the creeks around us. Her property was one of the few that did not have flood problems. The beavers had saved her land. About three years later she moved. The neighbors decided to clear out the dam and trap and kill the beavers because they had started to cut down trees again on their properties.. I lived farther up the river and protested and had a lawyer inform them that any damaged to the lake or properties we would not be responsible for and that if there was flooding they would be responsible. The property owners around the lake decided to go for it. Hurricane Fran hit about two months later, their properties were flooded, the pump system and overflow system were completely washed away. Each home owner ended up having to pay thousands of dollars to restore the lake and system.

I don't have a moral or anything for this story, your story just reminded me of how anguished we have all felt by inconsiderate "neighbors".

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