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OMG!!! katie... these works of art are just amazing. how proud you must feel to have what you teach be translated into the kind of soulful beauty! i love them all! i am really looking forward to taking another class with you someday...this one looks like it was wonderful!

thank you for your words today.

sending you much love! have a fabulous time in tx, i so much wish i could be there with you...carry me in your heart... ;-) you will shine! xo

Allegra Smith

What images! It is hard to believe that some of your students are just beginning to express their souls this way. Then again...the light is reflected only when it shines and that says it all about you and your ability to transform a class into a lifetime experience. See you when you get back, I know you are going to be splendid there, and I will be thinking of you until we see each other. Hugs from here until then.


These are all wonderful and soulful. You are obviously an amazing teacher. Wish I could have taken your class! :)


It was lovely to see you again Sweet Friend, I've missed our encounters. Good to see you looking so well and happy though!


These collage portraits are beautiful! I am inspired to try something like this in my journal ...

odd chick

These are amazing. That you were able to translate this process so well is evident in the beauty of each piece. My favorite has to be the one of the girl with the compass on her forehead and the butterfly on her check.

Susan Tuttle

I am blown away -- your teachings have clearly drawn people's talents out -- a testament to your gifted teaching ability.

Have a blast in TX!


Wellness Writer

These are amazing! WOW. You truly must be a wonderful teacher or you have an amazingly talented group of students!

Carol Sloan

you are an awesome woman Katie Kendricks...given just as much love and inspiration as you give out...safe travels my friend.


Oh Katie, What beauty you brought out of these wonderful people. I so envy them all having bearned from you. Your event in Texas sounds like you will indeed be busy but it will be a fun busy. Cloth Paper Scissors is one of my favorite magazines. Wish I could tag along in your suitcase. Be inspried and have fun, safe travels to you.

sue pieper

Wow! Those faces are amazing! Your students did amazing work and were fortunate enough to have had yuo there to teach them how to do this! Wow again:)

annie lockhart

oh dear katie...these are amazing! i cannot wait to take one of your classes. i'm sorry about your issue with your land...and the neighbors that have taken from it. i'm sending good...loving...and calming thoughts your way. have fun in houston! that's my hometown...well, close to. mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Judy Coates Perez

Hi Katie, your classes portraits are amazing!

I am looking forward to meeting you in Houston. On friday I will be doing open studios 12:30-2:30 and then a workshop in MIU at 3:00 so I am sure our paths will cross.

Be sure to pack really comfortable shoes, IQF is HUGE!


Each one is so different but yet you can tell they were created with a similar technique--how exciting it must be to see your students grow and develop right before your eyes.

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