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Tracie Lyn Huskamp

SWEET Katie!!! I am looking forward to seeing you at Quilt!! MAYBE we will actually get a chance to sit and talk.. although if it is anything like last year.. the whole event was a MAD WONDERFUL RUSH of excitement.. on a GRAND SCALE!

CONGRATS on taking that step toward learning and treating yourself. That is DEFINITELY something I, too, have been feeling the urge to do! Marylin and I don't get a chance to sign up for class either... we feel the same as you.. trying to conserve our energies for teaching.

Safe Travels!!!

See you SOON!

Judy Merrill-Smith

ADORABLE kid photos!!!

alex s

OHHH! Girlfriend! Big Sur. Big Sur and over the dragon's head on Souda Beach (south shore) Crete are the two places that I am having my ashes spread. (Not to be maudlin :-)

Wait until very very late into the night and go to the hot springs. If there is a moon up, you can watch the waves crashing just under you as you float.

I am so happy you are doing this. Metta indeed! oxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Esalen is wonderful...the first long weekend trip my husband and I took when we first met was to Esalen...

awesome beautiful place.

Stephanie Lee

How wonderful that you are treating yourself to, dare I say, necessary nourishment. :)...and just look at the light!! The light of those precious faces and those old, moss covered crones! You are surrounded by so much beauty - beauty that I'm sure feels like it must shine its brightest to match your light!
Safe journey my friend!


how happy it makes me to hear your heart sing! such a beautiful song i hear, unlike any other!
look at those sweet little faces...so happy and so full of life, there isn't anything that compares to the love and happiness a child gives so freely! how grateful i am to know that, too! ;-)
you HAVE had a full year and it just keeps getting better and better... ;-)
thank you for your voice this morning.
much love and gratitude to you. xoxoxo

judy wise

Katie, the workshop you'll be attending sounds wonderous - what a delicious treat to look forward to. And the faces of your grand babies. So much like your own. so beautiful and projecting such joy. I miss you but I know life is happening according to plan. It has been a tremendous year indeed and you have earned your renewal. namaste. xo

Laura Miller

Happy that peace seems to have returned to your riverside. Beautiful babies and a wonderful adventure waiting for you. I looked at the video and felt good just listening to his voice.


So wonderful to hear your surroundings are once again peaceful. Your grandchildren are darling. The rocking horse pics are priceless.
To be able to take such a grand learning vacation would be a dream come true for me. I am sure you must be feeling the same. It is wonderful that your family is supportive of your artistic needs. I trust you will share this wonderful experience with us here also. I love the Pacific Coastline and envy the surf, scents and sun you will have the pleasure of soaking as well as the painting class.


What a wonderful experince to go to the intuitive paiting retreat! I have read Michele Cassou's books on Point Zero paitning. I beleive they were partners at one time. It's fascinating to me! Anyhow, just wanted you to know I was checking in and wow I loved the portrait of the boy, and the self-portrait. As always you persepctive and sense of colour give me such joy...

Your granddaughters are so stinkin' cute...no, beautiful.

Much love to you...xoxo

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