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It feels like a long time since I've seen one like this from you: a painting with layers upon layers of stories that comes to my head when I look at your work.
Love it!


oh katie...this is amazing
... will you be selling this piece?



how wonderful!

Fledgling Poet

It's like a beautifully vivid dream...gorgeous.


does this not whisper chagall?

yesterday..poetry with soulfully written words...today...poetry in colour and visionary expression.
such a gift of emotion.
thank you...


judy wise

One of my very favorites. It makes me want to cry.

pam aries

Hi Katie! It has been a while since I have been blogging .. ilove this painting! I just moved to Portland yesterday! ilove it here already..!

gina armfield

Channeling Chagall to be sure - just loverly!


This one makes me feel as if you reached into my head and pulled out a nightmare. So much is going on in this painting. Constructive chaos, just as my dreams often are.

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