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I love these photos...love. Thank you Katie for sharing!!!!



love rock writing

so rightly

xo x- eb.


It's today and I don't have time to do it, just wanted to comment on how extremely beautiful your images are with the text on top! Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing.


i need to get outside today...thank you for reminding me.
your photos with the writing on each are so very special and dear, such a beautiful place you have there.

Sharon @ norah'S

So special. Did you pick up the warm orange speckled one?


So Beautiful, dear Katie!
I love your light! I stretch my arms out wide and invite it to wash over me...



The idea of your writings on these beautiful photos is simply superb! Thank you!

Barbara Nigg

Nature heals - do you know the story of the Handless Maiden? Working with that story - a deeper truth of community. belonging and healing revealed itself to me - and so I return to the forest everyday to dip my hands in cool water - to feel blessed and give blessing. Your Art & Soul classes in Portland took me to another place - to the joy of painting with my hands! A direct link to the soul I think! Your images and words awaken the senses!


so beautiful, I loved looking at each and every one of them.

I was wondering how you write with white on the photographs?


thanks for your comments, everyone.

i "write" on the scanned photographs in photoshop with the pencil tool in white...


Such a beautiful post. I love your writing on each photo, especially the curved line of words over the water and river stones. So lovely and moving. Roxanne

Mary Beth Shaw

I realize I am "behind" on blogs, but I love the journaling on top of your gorgeous photos. They are such a perfect illustration for your words.

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