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Heather Anne

You are the best me-ma ever~ the kids are so lucky to have you!

Sharon @ norah'S

I so wish I had someone to paint fairy houses with. I know they would come. The faries.

judy wise

oh katie, your goodness takes my breath away. Violette is a little katie, I see it in her dear face and pearly teeth. What a joy to have such a child in your life. I think you have found the forest fairies and they are both of you. xoxoxoxo

ps. can I have a cookie?


i always find such lovely treasures when i come for a visit... it's been a while. child's play is so important for all of us and i've been so busy i've forgotten to indulge in such simple pleasures - thank you for the reminder.... excuse me, i'm just off to find some fairies.... i could of sworn i saw some somewhere around here! xoxox


this has nourished my morning, thankyou. I sit with my father on his 75th birthday, going through his old photos.


i can't believe how time has flown and what a big girl violet is now! what a fun time you guys had. making memories together.


oh, katie, every single thing about this post warms my heart.
i can picture the two of you walking the river, trading rocks...i love that so much.
apple butter, i bet it's the best!
thank you so much for sharing this precious time with us.
happy thanksgiving dear one, i wish you a beautiful family filled day of sharing and much more. with love xo

Shari Beaubien

Oooh, that sleep-over sounds so deliciously fun, Katie! Such a soul-nourishing kind of fun. I'm glad you had that time and shared it with all of us. Your apple butter looks just to die for, too, my dear! xoxo, Shari


what a magical memory making day!
make! believe!

Ruth Armitage

Must, go, open, jar, of, apple butter, NOW! I would also like to order one of those pearly smiles with a side of sparkly eyes.... what a darling. It is clear she enjoyed her time with you as much as I enjoyed it through your blog! Thank you for sharing the joy!

kelly snelling

well that is truly just the most perfect of times. you did all the best things! now i am hungry for banana pancakes and fairy parties.

Judy Merrill-Smith

I haven't done any canning for 25 years, and I too had an urge this year, but I didn't follow through. Bravo to you! Looks like you had such a great time playing with Violet. Such sweetness.


OH, it looks like you had so much fun and what a wonderful way to spend time.


Oh honey, What a wonderfully magical day plus you had with that little sweetie. I loved the cardoard houses and the tree decorated with buttons, so cute. I love apple butter and have wonderful memories of my maternal grandparents making apple butter. When grandma was stricken with alzheimers and living in the nursing home grandpa was so thankful he had paid attention when she taught him what to do. Oh the memories you've brought back to me, so cherished. Yes, when the heart is heavy or just frazzled, get things done and bring over the babies and life does seem sweeter with all the playing going on. :-)
Happy Thanksgiving,
Teresa aka Tess

Laura Miller

Sounds like you got just the weekend you needed. Aren't those grandkids just the best?


Her smile in the last photo seems to say it all. You are the best meema! Blessings to you and your family this Thanksgiving.


hey, can i come over and make faerie houses and make pancakes??? lol.....what a wonderful time you teo had...xo


I want to come too ...looks like so much fun...wish I lived next door to YOU!

Tamara C.

"...sometimes nostalgia tastes rich and sweet and is just the right medicine for the heart."

I do believe this is now my favorite quotation of all time. :) Thank you for sharing this wonderful day and filling up my soul.



keep playin' and those pancake look yummy...wishing you a blessed and happy thanksgiving...hugs, rebecca


What a lovely lovely post. I'm watching Violet grow and she is more beautiful everytime I see photos. xoxoxoxoxo

Karen Cole

Well Katie, it certainly looks like you had a VERY happy Thanksgiving. You are truly blessed as is she.

Your book of memories is lovely.


what magical time to share together. Little Violet sounds like wonderful company. You are creating such wonderful memories for both of you.
Thanks for sharing your days together.


Just watching Violet makes the soul smile. What a sweet little person with all the goodness of her mee-ma.
I envy you the good envy, I so want a grandbaby to spoil and to love to pieces. They are the promise of the future, wrapped in love and open like a good book to teach us about the world we live in, while we merely get to show it to them.

Love to you and hope to see you when you get back. Our open house is Dec.14 and Judy promised to help me bring you here.

Maija Lepore

She is so darling....and you torture me with the scrumptious photo of apple butter!!!


Violet has such a sweet, shining face just like you my dear! What a special time the two of you had -- I can guess who her favorite meema and papa are!!

Happy Thanksgiving!



I just found you through LK's Song list and had to stay and visit awhile. I love that you and Violet waited for the fairies. My daughters and I used to build little homes of twigs and leaves under a tree in the park. We left a pile of acorn "caps" nearby so the fairies could wear them while they danced. We were very very quiet, but we never saw them, alas.

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