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You are a real traveler...the wedding party sounds awesome! have a great time. Your daughter and fiance make a beautiful couple.

alex s

Welcome home weary traveller! What a wonderful thing it is to be there and then here. It does feel like a time warp, doesn't it?

Miss you. (xo)

Maija Lepore

I do remember, and I am so very happy for your beautiful daughter Marissa and all of you! Despite the pain she must have felt back then, it really was all about leading her to this joy!


i am so happy you are home for now, tucked into your studio, creating what ever your warm and beautiful heart desires! How i wish I could come over and see just what it is you are creating...and stay and play. ;-)
Marissa & Mick look so happy and perfect together! fate is amazing, isn't it!?!
sending you much love on this beautiful fall day. xo

judy wise

Growing and growing; that's how I see this past year as you've challenged yourself with bigger and bigger feats and mastered each of them with grace.

Mexico will be a sweet time of rest and joy for all of you; congratulations to Marissa and thank goodness providence does sometimes find ways to protect us.

Much love to you. xo

Judy Merrill-Smith

Lovely photos -- thanks for sharing them, as well as your words! I wish you and your family much joy as the big wedding day approaches.


my darling,
i read each word and loved every one. i want to see that love chair, of the caring heart, that resides beside the beauty of the tahuya river, whose reflection welcomes home a wise soul, ever growing...
love to you...

Tracie Lyn Huskamp

BIG HUGS Mz. KATIE... Wasn't Houston DIVINE!!! We must do it again NEXT YEAR.

Safe Travels to Cancun and Happy Wedding to ALL involved.


Susan Tuttle

You absolutely shine my dear! -- I'm so excited to hear about your adventures in Mexico!



Wellness Writer

I'm always so awed by your art and the experiences you have when you teach. How inspiring!

Congratulations to your daughter and her husband-to-be. What a lovely couple. I hope everyone has a wonderful time in Cancun!


sue pieper

I remember Marisa's close call all too well, and am thrilled that she's found happiness again. And happy for you that you have happy children! Enjoy the wedding, sounds perfect!


A wedding on the beach in Cancun. Oh what a dreamy spot to take those everlasting vows. I loved this post, your spirit. Will love seeing the pics of your trip and the classes. Oh what joy!!
Enjoy the wedding and the bonding of two families into one. :-)

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