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a beautiful tribute. I wish I could touch it.

Reva S. (Los Angeles)

What a beautiful project and gift for your sister - I've made a couple of books for my mother in this vein (I'm so blessed that she is still with us) - love that you are including snippets of your Mom's clothing and samples of her handwriting - wonderful idea - I'm sure you're sister will feel the love that you have put into this priceless gift - Reva (Los Angeles)


After viewing the picture of you and your mother I can really see how much your granddaughters look like you!!!Wow!! I love the book. Your sister is going to cherish it.

Judy Merrill-Smith

Such love in your work! A beautiful, tender ache. What a blessing for your sister.


i have been thinking about you all day today...missing you much and wishing you could be here and go out with us tonight.
i love seeing photos of your family, so very sweet...and this book is such an amazing gift, for you and your sister...thank you for showing it to us.
take care dear one. xo

Shari Beaubien

To say that is a beautiful gift just doesn't do it justice, Katie. Your sister will ADORE it, I'm sure. How very special... xoxo, Shari

judy wise

It's beautiful, what a generous, thoughtful gift. And what a great idea to preserve the family history. Love the new pictures of you and your family. Oh, that sweet baby face you were born with. Miss you so much. xo

kelly snelling

i bet it will be a treasure for her. you are a good sister to make this for her. it is surely a beautiful creation.


this style is fresh and non vintage and intriguing. Yay for a new look book, makes it so not precious and touchable...

Mary Ann

katie your face still holds all of that hope and beautiful yearning. and your book.......the textures/fabric/stitching/the whole thing.. is evocative. deliver with kleenex. i predict your sister will be very moved when she opens it up and steps inside.


Your sister will treasure this forever. And your memories will always be with you. I miss my mother too... Roxanne

Joanie Hoffman

How very lovely!
Thank you for sharing it.
Happy days,

Maija Lepore

There are days that I miss my mom so much I feel like I'm going to die! Your book is so beautiful!

sue simpson

Wonderful, loving, ever lasting. A terrific gift! a piece of heArt.


you look so much like your beautiful mother, sweet katie. i know you miss her very very much.
and the book? ohhhhhhh. sigh. very lovely indeed. xo

Laura Miller

a truly lovely gift for your sister and a timely reminder for me. See, you just never know who you will touch when you post. My Mom is still with me and I often get impatient and irritated with her. Thanks for the course correction.


Stunning Katie. Your grandaughter looks just like you as a child - how lovely. By giving your sister just an amazing book full of memories - she will "go back home" as i am sure you are whilst preparing it. It can be so emotional while preparing such a book, I know.
Love it


What a lovely book and tribute to your mom. A truly beautiful and special gift...


Oh KAtie, If only I had thought to do this with some of my grandmothers things or my mother-in-laws. Such a wonderful little treasure. I must go wipe my eyes.


wow, this is so so so wonderful, a book full of memories and love...your sister is truly a lucky one!!xox

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