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Miz Katie

this is simple, yet so profound.


you have a way
of speaking straight to my heart...
and comforting me in profound ways.
i am grateful for you, and each petal you reveal.

kelly snelling

lovely, lovely sweet shoes. i'm sorry you didn't get out to the five day painting workshop. that sounds wonderful (and i'm curious who was leading the class). but the snow looks beautiful and it sounds like you are having a grand time at home. happy Christmas, friend!!

Carol Sloan

Merry Christmas Katie. You have no idea how you have impacted my life and my art. Your art work is so beautiful, so touching...so meaningful. I wish for you a New Year of what you ask for...what you work for. Be safe, be warm...and above all Be Katie - the one that we love.

Randi Nervig

Hi Katie, I just signed up for your workshop at Valley Ridge. There were so many to choose from but the idea of creating a chunky journal was appealing. So then I started reading your blog and I KNOW I made the right choice. I like your art and the you revealed in your writing and am looking forward to meeting you in June.

Christy Novak

Wow, I just love your new art creations. The fish is so cool, I love her!

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