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judy wise

Beautiful thoughts and words for winter. I hope all is calm and sweet for you on this day. We have sunshine here. namaste.


you are making the most of this time, that warms my soul... and the story about Walter and the mouse needs to be illustrated and printed for your dear grandchildren... it's so very sweet.... sigh.
may this love you have and receive carry you through the new year and keep you happy.


... and that little birdie... it's moments like that that make me happy, simple little events that are so full of life, making me feel so at peace with everything...thank you for sharing these photos Katie. xoxo

alex s

What a wonderful image to hold today. It occurs to me that the snow has been a very good thing for your heart dear Katie. It seems to have put a warming blanket over your world.

Much love, and may this year be the most peaceful, beautiful and bountiful year yet. xoxo


How sweet and real. I'm so happy that you captured it and shared it with us. I wish you joy and beauty in 2009. xo

julie king

wonderful photos! i so long for snow here in ohio so i can get out with my camera and do some creative photography. big sigh!!


Oh, I love this so!! You really did catch the joy of the scampering across the snow. The post in total is perfection. Thank you.

xo Rella

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