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Angie Platten

Ok Katie, I'm so sorry about your workshop. And girl, I just don't know how you and many others live in a place that gets this much snow! I'd be so depressed! I'm perfectly happy with my little bit of frost in the mornings! LOL! I just don't do snow. Seeing all of it in your pictures actually makes me feel in a panic inside me! Weird, huh?

Chris Schutz

Your so right about the clean, clean, clean instinct when anticipating loosing power. I do it too and last night I was running in circles with that drive. Today, no wind and power still on. (Knock wood) And yes that snow has us locked down here in rural Port Orchard too. It is so beautiful.
Glad you aren't stuck at the airport.
Happy Holidays!


be good to yourself, sweet katie. and don't be so quiet... i miss your words.
merry white christmas to you....xo

mary ann

i am jealous of all that lovely white. it's cozy and romantic and storybookish. and yes inconvenient, but i have a feeling your and walter will know just what to do. sorry about your workshop. i'll be through big sur in a few days on my way up north. will think of you as i drive through...
wishing you safety & warmth.


big sigh... oh how i wanted this for you... yes, yes, another time.
and for now, i am glad to hear you have cozied in to things you love, art, books, and a fire... and so much snow, it sounds very lovely... i look forward to seeing what art comes from this time snowed in.
miss you and send you warmth and love, all the way from the very snowy and frigid Pennsylvania.

Mary Beth Shaw

Bummer about the workshop but perhaps the universe has other plans for you :-) There is something kinda magical about being snowed in (at least when it doesn't happen that much :-) Enjoy the peacefulness of the snow. Cuddle. Snuggle. Bake. Repeat.
Happy Holidays

Sharon @ norah'S

Oh I know how much you were looking forward to the workshop. Sorry it can't happen now but do expect it later. Your snow is beautiful and so peaceful looking. Stay warm. xoxo


I am sorry about your missing the class, but you know that there must be a reason, as there is always a reason for changes outside our scope. And mostly they are for the best, although this is a hard thing to accept when we want something badly and we cannot get it.

Stay warm and safe; we are completely covered as well. Lost power yesterday but got it back after several hours. It was warm by the fireplace and the light of the candles made me forget the inconveniences that losing it created by surrounding us with a magic, silent, beautiful sense of belonging where we were. Warm hugs from here.

Judy Merrill-Smith

Sorry that you missed your workshop, but you seem to have accepted it so gracefully. Honestly, I am so tired of shoveling snow already -- but I am grateful that the power has stayed on so far. Bought my 9-yr-old a snow shovel yesterday, and today he worked hard, side by side with me and his dad, and I think he was proud that he could really make a difference. I am trying to see my blessings wherever they are.


wow, that sure is some snow!!! that blanket of whiteness surely has other plans for you and i love the words of a previous comment.... "cuddle. snuggle. bake. repeat." with maybe an added "create" in there too. much love to you this christmas katie.... keep warm and safe xoxo

alex s

Dear one - It is so hard to miss out on something so desired. And then, on the more undesired side, there is the wisdom that you have in knowing that nature had another plan for you.

It isn't an easy pill to swallow, but then, there is something so beautiful about having to be still...since we almost never choose that for ourselves. And, in my humble opinion, there is no better setting for stillness than a fat blanket of silent snow.

I am sending you blankets of sweet love and what little grace I can offer in this situation.

{The only advice I can offer is this: make a snow angel! xo}


I can imagine that it must be disappointing to miss something you've really looked forward to... but, my goodness - that snow is just beautiful! ( I love the crows in the trees. They look like sentinels.) There's so much snow all over the country, and even though I get tired of the cold and the mess here in New England, fresh snow and the stillness it brings is always a magical delight. I hope you enjoy the magic and the closeness of your loved ones for Christmas. Joy & blessings to you :)


well be thankful you have the white stuff and not the icy rain that we are having, i would love some of the white stuff..my christmas will be all the more sweeter this year since i have a jar of the homemade apple butter cannot wait to taste it on some of julies pancakes...xxo
merry christmas!

Deirdra Doan

Merry Christmas Katie....i know i know....lost power for 4 days...but back in time for Christmas...but the candles and fires and quiet are rather special.

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