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Angie Platten

Love the pictures, Katie. I'm dying over your samples! LOVE the big face! Gorgeous! But hon, I hate to break it to ya'... you are not shocking the rest of us artist's with your "messy studio". I find myself looking at your pictures and wonder what exactly are you showing me that doesn't look completely familiar. You work how I work!


Thinking of you yesterday, wondering how you were and if the snow was as deep and lovely as it was here. I guess we are all working at clearing the creative spaces today, marooned in a sea of white, I too will be finding my way across a world of boxes and components that need to be properly put away.

Here is to a new year filled with hope and the realization that we are a tribe, no need for emails to acknowledge the hand that reaches to touch us. The heart still doesn't know how to read emails. It senses the goodness and acknowledges the kindness as a whole, just as you have done now.

judy wise

What a long, delicious and inspiring post this was, katie. Oh, you are doing amazing work; I am transfixed by the beautiful face you've painted and the folding book is wonderful too. It seems your work is taking off in several new directions at once; you must be under a good star alignment. You've even inspired me to get some of those stacking boxes; I sure need to organize too. Hugs coming your way!! xo


Wonderful pieces Katie. Feels like I know them all from some dream time past. Old friends. Wonderful. And that flow of art supplies, work spots, etc is what my house looks like since I don't have a studio. Do have a very patient husband thankfully.

Yep, we were supposed to get rain which should mean melting. And it has rained here, up the road, but its still so chilly I don't see any of that promised melt. Hm, could those Seattle news guys be fibbing?


Thanks for posting the photos - I feel so much better now - my work area is the same as other people's!! Sigh!

kelly snelling

ha! trust me, your studio is really not that messy. you should take a gander at my area. oooo-weeee! and i'm trying to pack it all up and move it out to the garage. that's a daunting task. but even if your studio isn't as tidy as you like to show, it is full of the most beautiful pieces. i really loved seeing all your work in progress. lovely, lovely things you are growing.

Miz Katie

I LOVE your studio, and your chaos. I have a hard time working if everything is neat and tidy. I can't seem to find anything once I put it away. :)

ruth rae

working with fabric has to be the hardest thing to keep contained!
your stuido looks fantastic!

all the best for 2009!


Wonderful creativity in progress is what I see.. :) I had to mad dash my studio table and reclaim it as a dining room table just at the 11th hour before guests arrived. What that really means is that my art supplies are now scattered throughout my house in every nook and cranny I could find..lol.

Hope you have an enjoyable rest of the holiday season. Stay warm!

alex s

I wish I were there. Folded in by the snow and buried under the love and beauty of your sweet self and your gorgeous big windowed all seeing, all creative studio. I miss you SO very much.


I love your "creative chaos, all the colors and shapes on your walls and tables... thank you for sharing these photo's!! I'll be back for another look. Are things drying off yet... I am still surrounded by white too. Roxanne

gina armfield

Oh it fills me with glee when I see a studio that looks worked in! This is what mine looks like most of the time = don't they all really if we are working in them. It is truly a beautiful sight!


what a beautiful, beautiful mess! as everyone else has said - it's no shock to the rest of us artists! I have a well worn "path" to my work bench and all the most important things are within arms reach! I love that your cat sleeps on piles of your things too! your works is so lovely and inspiring katie. keep enjoying your winter wonderland - it looks so lovely and peaceful out there xo


Katie, I loved catching up here, seeing your studio which is a wonderful visual of color and inspiration, seeing your new art that you know I love, but that long book is amazing!!! Hope you had a good Christmas and that you're looking forward to the New Year!


There's something very comforting to me in seeing your creative space chaos. I'm inspired to shift things around and try to fit my sewing machine and laptop in my art room. Best wishes for a Happy New Year!

Carol Weiler

You have let us peek in and breathe a sigh of relief-"Oh, Her studio looks like that too. And out of that chaos comes such beauty." Now we can all get back to work. Thank You. CW


your studio is wonderful, so very! how i dream of being there and seeing your world up close.
and the art you are making lately... a wistful sigh escapes me and floats off like all the seeds of a blown dandelion... many wishes and dreams come from seeing your art.

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