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Shari Beaubien

Have a FABULOUS time, dear Katie. I'm so happy it all worked out this way... xoxo, Shari

judy wise

Joyful journey my friend. Be safe and well and above all have a marvelous time. I can't wait to hear all about it.

Linda O'Neill

Have a wonderful time, Katie...I hope your daughter has a magical wedding!


have a beautiful wedding... much love and joy to you and your close ones xoxo


i am smiling, happy...thinking about you and your journey, this marriage, your family, your happiness, the love, the sharing, and everything in between...wishing you all the best! i am so looking forward to hearing all about it when you return.
much love dear Katie. xoxoxoo

deirdra Doan

Such beautiful invitations...I know the feeling of lose of your sweetheart...I held a little piece of art to my heart once drawn by a little child that reminded me of the loss.

Love your song sharing...when you have time please come see the song I wrote and my songs sharing's on my blog.

Snowflake wedding blessings,


Congrats and have a wonderful time.

pam aries

Ohhh! How sweet the invitations are! I know it will be very special wedding I always cry, even if it is a wedding on TV,,geeze!

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