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Carla Sonheim

Oh my, what a sweetheart. So sweet!!

I had a dream about you last night: I was going to give you a ride home... (!!)

Tara Finlay

That's a wonderful story! Hope you are well. Really loving the work you have been posting!


the world is big enough for men and mice.. hope they both have a wonderful peaceful new year




oh my goodness.... if ever a story can conjure tears, that one just did.
how divine!

amanda davie

Light and love to you and your family...how very kind of walter to show such tenderness to the mouse. I love your new tiny book. I can only imagine how lovely it must feel in your hands. I still have work to do on mine from class, but am enjoying it, and using pages for photo props...hope you are doing well..light and love-amanda

kelly snelling

well that has just about made me cry. well, okay, there is a tear sliding down my face. little ole mouse. sweet walter. give him a big hug for me, too.


well just like kelly, it made me cry too, that could had been stuart little, gosh i love that man too!! will you guys be checking on him tomorrow??? poor little guy!

leighanna light

I woke up thinking about this poor little mouse, what an awesome story, thanks for sharing it.

Jennifer White

Oh my God... I think I love your husband!! :-)


Hi Katie,

This is just the sweetest story. I have to admit, I needed a tissue after reading it - the whole visual just sent me over. So sweet... and how fortunate you are to have someone so thoughtful in your life.

I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season and I wish you all the best for 2009.

Take good care,


Cindy Ericsson

I just went to see the Tale of Despereaux at the movies today, so this makes a fitting story to close my day. Thank you for sharing it here.


The perfect Christmas story....

Happy New Year, Katie.

xoxo Colette

Deb Taylor

what a precious love story, thanks for sharing your moment with us....he is a sweet man to love.

Carol Sloan

what a sweetheart. no wonder HE loves YOU!


That's just the sweetest story and perfect to have read it on the first day of this new year-thanks for sharing Walter with us!

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