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How beautiful this image is and the quoute... just lovely...Roxanne


so very precious... this photo must just make you melt to the floor with a warm heart.
i love that you have snow there, so peaceful and quiet it must be outside... and inside, warm and tender, i hope the warmth is wrapping you up like a much needed hug and keeping you there, where you know you are loved as you are... xoxoxo


I love how her littel hand is holding him to steady her, or to steady him! Precious!!!!


katie, i've been thinking of you for the last week or so, wondering how the wedding went, wondering how on earth you are...xo

judy wise

Her skirt looks like flower petals. What a precious jewel. You are blessed.


ohhhhhhhhhh. (sigh)


Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I enjoyed catching up on your blog and all the wonderful creativity. You are such an inspiration.Hope you have a great weekend KK!

Laura Miller

What a little beauty and the quote is perfect. AND, I just noticed the days for the Carol Parks classes. The good lord willing and the creek don't rise, I am going to be there.


soooo priceless, little faerie..xo

Susan Tuttle

awww -- what a precious little angel!

Merry Christmas Katie!



Look at all her petals! She is like a delicate little flower. What a lovely photo, so much life in it! xo

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