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spilling over....isn't it wonderful? xoxo


What a fabulous place to create, you must all have had a wonderful time, so much energy and creativity in the air.


Hi Kate, this looks so exciting. I wish I could do something like this. I'm anxious to see some of the wonderful things you created while you were there.


Hi Katie: wonderful post, wonderful pictures : ) glad you are home - full of spirit and happiness, that is what time with friends and like minded creatives should be like, lucky you, lucky them. Welcome Home - you've been missed : )
Blessings, Sandra in AZ


SO wonderful!!!

liz elayne

oh that last photo is full of so much beauty. love it!
i am so glad you shared these pieces from the week. i am smiling deeply as i rest inside the memories of it all. (thank you)

miss you.


welcome home my darling...
love to see your cup overflowing.

judy wise

Beautiful. Love the photographs so much. Heart is full. xo


Dancing with the ocean, what could be more beautiful under the sun's smile? Art, the music that makes our spirits dance, creating memories to keep the music alive. It was wonderful to share with you and Judy on Sunday, my tea tasted sweeter because of it.


WHat a wonderful mini-trip. Thanks, I needed that!


such beautiful photos from your week away with dear souls! i love the first photo... it makes me think of you art.
welcome home dear katie. xoxoox


mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! oh!!! i love these photos sweet katie! my cup runneth over! in more ways than one!

Judy Wilkenfeld

OMG that last photo is an award winner


oh, what precious photos! I love the last one... dancing with the sun!

Judy @ Straw Cottage

What a beautiful,inspirational post.
The picture of the art table is my idea of heaven!


The gazing-glass float photo is just the best. My heart is still full and our candles are burning brightly.

julie king

what lovely photos you've taken! i'm curious where you get the filters for making the edges look rough and textured? i have photoshop but i haven't yet found a filter to do that.

take care!

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