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Sharon @ norah'S

Oh Katie, and I'm going use my word for 2009 and "expect" that you will be able to go and enjoy the retreat and I will "expect" that you will not get stranded.
And I love your cardboard journal cover and pages. I am always amazed with your art.


I was thinking of you when I was watching the news today. I totally remember last year when you had to stay with Judy. The rivers rising is getting really bad. Be safe,,,, I'll be glad when winter is over in Washington!




i am thinking positive thoughts for you, too! YOU NEED TO GET THERE, no matter how, you must be there!
when i see these pages my first thoughts? ohhh, i wish she could teach me to paint like she does...
the depth of your work amazes me to no end, i want to walk inside of your paintings!
we sure have been on an amazing journey together! i remember that day we first met in person... my god... how i wish i could relive those few days again, but new adventures ahead together, yay!
xooxox much love dearest Katie.


oh the panic in my chest....remember what you said about renting a boat?.....I'll hold you to that!

Jennifer Williams

I want to reach out and touch that journal so badly! Awesome texture!

Oh dear...I hope the flooding doesn't leave you stranded!

Susan Tuttle

Sweet Katie,
Happy New Year to you my friend! May it be filled with overflowing joy, happiness, health and creativity unbound! It will be a wonderful year!

I am so grateful for our friendship and look forward to the day that we will get to embrace in person.

This latest journal -- lots of heart fluttering going on as i look at this amazing work filled with so many layers of beautiful texture and meaning. your art always speaks to my soul. it is so special.

i hope the flooding will not interfere with your trip -- fingers crossed for you.

Love and Hugs,


I immediately thought of you when I heard of how much rain we'd be getting. I hope all is well down your way.

My folks live north on Hwy 20 and their house has been cut off in both directions by mudslides and floods.

I'm concerned about all the people still trying to recover from last year.

Sending up my prayers that you'll be able to get out easily and go to your retreat.

Laura Miller

Your journals are filled with magic and a sense of mystery that calls to me. And your painting is something also enchanting. I think you are a wood and river elf. I am sending safe and dry images your way. Enjoy your week. And oh how I long for May in LA.

Fledgling Poet

I hope the flooding ends soon so you can still make your trip...stay safe.

The organic rawness of your pieces here takes my breath away...so much expression and beauty. Thank you!

judy wise

The wax covered string and rolled paper scrolls have captivated me. I think you ARE a wood and river elf; that's lovely. These pages sing with life and mystery.

Stupid rain. Stupid flooding. :-(

Deirdra Doan

Hi Katie,
As I was looking at the news I thought I needed to come see your blog and see how you are? My prayers are for you and the rain/floods....I was snowed in for almost 2 weeks but I know it was longer for you....and now this...Blessings on you beautiful one.

Joy Logan

Amazing journal! You constantly try new things LOVE IT!

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