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yes, yes, yes, yes, yes YES! i am so much trying to expand my own definitions and trying to break open my own self more and more, it's not easy, but i am trying and will keep trying until i start to crack open.

it means so much to me to be able to come here and see your pages that i know you worked on hours ago... still warm and glowing from your touch. xo


Everything I am is me, everything I do is me, everything I give is me, what is left is not worth sharing.
I think the gist of what you are saying is nearly encapsulated in that. And you are absolutely right, if there is you in everything you do, that is the most faithful portrait that could ever exist of yourself. Wise woman.

Deirdra Doan

I am enjoying your journals...the self portrait is very cute....hard to do... those realistic things....I like what you said in this post. I also got the Self-Portraits book for Christmas...I went right to your page. Thank you, it is helpful. I am going to try your ideas.
Happy New Years!


Iced in today so thought I'd do some blog hopping. I see your weather is a whole lot worse! Anyhoo, enjoyed catching up and its interesting to see all teh SP's. Wish I could do it...just not motivated these days. Happy Wednesday KK!


I like your idea of the self portrait. I often think of my poetry as little self portraits. Maybe one day with the eye on just doing and not worrying about realism I too may try painting a self portrait. My drawn faces are awful but exagerated it might look way cool. I often feel exagerated.


I forgot to say I think your self portrait is great. Love your eyes.


its funny isn't it.... self portraits, or portraits of any kind are "scary" to delve into. we all have an expectation that they "should" look real. i have spent time trying so hard, trying too hard, but not being neccessarily happy with the results. i have visited here often though and seen how you play with your portraits and have only recently accepted that "my" portraits are just that, mine! who cares if they don't look like me in the mirror - that's what my camera is for (as you say). this portrait that you have posted is exquisite, because it IS you, it is full of your technique and colours and we can't help but see you in it. I can't wait until i can post all my journal pages!


You've inspired me Katy to have a go at a self portrait, it's something I've never done before. I also love the idea of journalling every day, it's being disciplined enough to make the time, that's my problem. Have a wonderful happy, healthy and successful 2009.


I just got the self portrait book, and am seeing some great work come out of it.

HAve yet to get my hands messy, but inching nearer the table.. thanks for the push.

Mary Beth Shaw

I love this portrait. Personally, I am having trouble with them. Ugh, tried another one this morning and I'm going to post shortly after I can no longer distract myself reading other people's blogs :-)
Stay safe with the weather. I love that blue pickup truck in your pics? Is that yours?


This is a beautiful self portrait, and I love the poem and what you write about all of your art actually being a kind of self portrait, and to expand what we think of as one. So much to think about.... Roxanne


This is so stunning. And it's very real to me. I'm with you on using a camera when I want to capture tings just as they appear..and yet a photo can be so subjective, too, hey? But a painting has so many other touchstones about it..from texture to the emphasis of one part over the other, etc etc...anyhow, I actually started a self-portraint this morning. I really have never done that. I have no idea what I'm doing! Isn't that cool? lolol xoxo love to you...

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