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julie king

such a quaint thing she is and what an imaginative story!!


I don't know about that face, Katie. She SEEMS innocent, but...but...there's just something a little tell-tale about it.
She should probably get a camel...work out some of that self-indulgent addictions of hers.
She just might be related to Judy's french sisters - what with the birthday suits and all.

judy wise

Give Nisha a kiss for me and apologize for what Olga did to her; that really was mean and I don't condone such behavior. Between you and me I think she's still envious over the amulet necklace; what one gets they all want.

liz elayne

oh katie this makes me so happy. (and the visual of the necklace has me cracking up here in my otherwise pretty quiet home.)

love her name...and her story...


Sharon @ norah'S

I'm just amazed at how your "style" and Judy's too, showes in a 3 dimentional piece just as it does on all that you do.
Nisha is wonderful. No doubt she could tell story upon story.


What a wonderful story to go with this amazing doll! I love it. You should write a childrens' book about this charming doll. I love your story-telling.


i love her and her story, i bet she would be so great to dress up and take out on the town....and where did she get her necklace, i adore it! I hope she has family that will share their stories here as well!

oh how i wish i could make a lovely soul like nisha come to life. xoxoxooxoxox

Judy Wilkenfeld

What a crack-up this is, that is that Olga pushed her - you guys have to keep this going, start a blog...
"Fun with Nisha and Olga" - love it. love your Nisha doll


oh katie...thanks for making me laugh this morning! i've missed nisha and her creator something terrible. a camel so suits her better...i can only envision her riding wildly in front of olga with her coveted necklace flapping in the wind behind her...screaming catch me if you can now!

Susan Cornelis

Your blog is a real creative goldmine! I got particularly inspired by your student collage faces. I think I would like to try that with my students.

Angela Rand

What a great story! I love the words as much as the doll. WEll done Katie!

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