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kim beller

that is so sweet. what a great story.

Sharon @ norah'S

I know I have said this before, but you are amazing. In my heart, I have a wish to come and play with you.


Oh Robin is so adorable...and she likes graffiti...

Judy Merrill-Smith

Sweet and strong. Thank you!


Yes yes yes! If those of use who can would each carry a bit of light, imagine how far it would reach, how bright the world would be.

liz elayne

oh i just want to run over and hug you. right now.

this is poetry. and every word is so very beautiful dear girl. so very beautiful. and i adore her and her sweet little hat.


being here, reading this story, and having your wonder illustrations to go with it is a pure gift to my day, thank you. xoxoxoox





sweet katie...what a gift.

thank you... (i am drawing a virtual robin's egg blue heart bursting with love right here.)


how you
light up my darkest hour.
you sing straight to my soul.
how you
touch us all.
much love,

Cindy In Carolina

OMG, how wonderful that story was. Thank you.

judy wise

My heart has melted onto the keyboard. What a beautiful post. I just love little Robin and her light; she sure reminds me of another songbird I know who is pure goodness. xo

pam aries

Sweet tweets! I enoyed miss Birdies;'s tale of lights and travel! I agree , I agree!


What a wonderful little doll, and an even more wonderful story. Thank you for that.


what a dear story...sweetness! you should make it into a children's book...you know the ones that are for the adults that carry that childlike wonder! lovely...mmmmm!


What a lovely story, and the illustrations and doll are adorable. Thanks for sharing them.


Oh Katie,
I love her. She is so magic and sweet. I love her story. Wish I could travel with her.


Dearest Katie, you bring the light to so many lives, including mine. Beautiful story and yes, poetic. Love and hugs to you.


Oh my word, she flew right into my heart singing:"...all the birds are here again, all the birds, all of them. But one of them is missing."
What an exquisite creature, and what a wonderful life she has carrying with her Light.

I am sending you both, my Light and Love until we see each other again.


ka, ka, ka katie,
beautiful katie.

i so adore your brain and heart and spirit. such a rare gem with a spiritual perception you are.

here's to light and spreading the joy.


EXQUISITE!!! she is so adorable and sweet..... u can't possibly stop there, we need to know how she gets on. i'm sure she'll meet many friends on her journey and have many stories to tell?

Julia Rose

I was so engrossed in her little story, that I was sorry when it ended, I will hang around for more....she is so quirky and quiant and any other Q words that I cant think of...thanks for being you...xxx

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