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hola mi amor!

the thought of you all together..
just warms my heart!

travel safe, be well and kiss the joy as it flies!



So glad to hear that your little river did not flood like last year!!!


I'm glad to hear you're well and safe. How exciting that you get to go to the retreat!

I'm watching the news now and am just stunned by the damage I'm seeing around.

I love love love these cardboard journal pages. I've experimented a touch with encaustic medium in a book but this makes me want to really just dive in. They are so lush.
Take care!

Tracie Lyn Huskamp

dearest katie.. I am so relieved to hear your home stead is not being affected by the horrible weather situation.

Have a wonderful time at your gathering. It is important to keep those creative friend dates.

They nourish the soul!


I am so happy you are safe and sound. Thanks for posting and letting us know you are OK. Love your cardboard journals, all the yummy texture.


Judy Merrill-Smith

I'm feasting on your pages -- wonderful, esp. the string-bound page. So glad to know you are staying dry out there. Have a great trip!


So glad to hear you are safe and sound and still able to travel. Keep safe.

alex s

God Katie. These journal pages render me speechless... Such depth of feeling and color and texture and imagery. Deep deep and deeply beautiful.

I love you and am so happy that River has been kind to you this year. Maybe it was that mouse that walter saved? :-) Anyway, thinking of my girls this weekend.

pam aries

Since I moved to Portland, all this 'weather' and flooding and snowing...oh my! I know you are going to have a fabulous creative time together!

Mary Lin Huskamp

I am thrilled you, your family and home escaped nature's wrath. The journals are BEAUTIFUL!!!! See you soon.


miz katie

I love this new book. It looks like you've put a lot of work into it.

Have a fun, safe trip.

Dayna Collins

Beautiful pages - what a treat to have a peek at them.


I too am so glad your river didn't flood. Your journal pages are so full of life and meaning and to me, filled with your own creative spirit. I love how you can be so expressive in your art. I might have said that before. Have a great and inspirational trip! Roxanne


this is some winter, isn't it? so many stories to tell.

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