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Sharon @ norah'S

Oh Katie, what time are we suppose to be there for the workshop. Sigh. Dream.


Katie, you have no idea the relief sweeping through me at the sight of your work space. It's real, it's working and it's evidence of creation.

Why get humiliated by those glossy "better studios than yours" images? I'd happily sit among your boxes any day.

kelly snelling

did you sneak in and take photos of my studio without waking me up first? i must have missed your passing through. at least a year ago i received some resin and molds as a gift. today i actually needed it. guess where it was? in the box it was shipped in with other stuff on top of and inside the box. that's my m.o. always flying and putting things on top of other things while trying to find that one thing. Good Luck with the overhaul, sweet katie. i wish i was going to be there for the unveiling and your Class!


Love, there is nothing more reassuring than a messy studio for the Muses to come visiting. As they float around the place looking for a place to land, they allow us to fill our creative lungs with the sweet air from their dancing wings. Order? fine. Too much order? hmmm...
Miss you, and I know you will have everything exactly right next week. I wish I were there.

Michele A.

Divine inspiration - thank you for sharing! i shared this with the boy and said "see....there's other people like me ... I'm not crazy or we're all crazy!!!!"
See you at artfest!

Jennifer White

I think your studio is right up my alley! It's funny that you blogged about your studio and Misty posted studio shots on her Flickr site...it's great to see inside your studios. I'm sending you lots of organizing energy your way...it's definitely not one of my strong points so I have no advice ;p ..... can't wait to see your "after" pictures next week!


your studio is perfect! oh how i would love to spend a few days/weeks locked up in there, creating!
it reminds me of my ceramics professor's office, only a few times did i get to go inside, and every time i did i just wanted to be forgotten for awhile to see everything he had posted, look through all of his books, records, everything... it was a magical little "office" filled to the brim with inspiration, just like i think your studio is...even from here!


I like the bin approach you are using, not fussy, just right and visible.

Good luck on making it work for you before your workshop.

Judy Merrill-Smith

Yes, it is so nice to see a working studio that is about on the same level of "disheveled" as mine! Although I tend to leave piles all over the house, not just in one room. I still work mostly on the dining room table -- I like to spread out, so it works for me. Good luck with your "mucking out!"


Why...this makes me feel a whole lot better. My studio remains only somewhat tidy because I shove everything else into my closet. Sometimes I fear someone will get hurt when they open the door.


OH, I am purging too! BAGS - contractor bags! so far ten of these and more to go... How did it get like that? so glad to know I am not the only one!!



I 'look' around your studio and find kinship in the inspiring state of it! There's nothing like some guests coming over to whip us into shape, but if you're like me-it takes a whole ten minutes of diving into the next project for my 'inspirational state' to return :)

Mary Beth

Yeah, mine will never be one of the "pretty girls" either, but that doesn't make us bad people :-)

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