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Judy Wilkenfeld

Wow Katie - good job.
I hate cleaning the studio but I always do it after a big piece is complete. You must feel amazing - onya!!!

Cindy S-E

Yipee, Katie - it looks great and must feel great every time you walk in and take in the fruits of your labor!!

Sharon @ norah'S

Just had to congratulate you on accomplishing your goal. It looks wonderful, inviting, motivating and inspiring. About your dilema, when I am trying to edit down....the broken stuff that "I might need someday", I just tell myself with each piece of stuff that I pick up, that I surely can find more of it if and when I might need it. Makes it easier to let go. Now I need to go and do that today.


Katie, I've been watching the progress of your studio redo & have to congratulate you. You've done really great and the rest will get done as well, I'm sure. I'm going through this same thing & it's a challenge, both the clean up & the culling. As to the culling, I've been telling myself someone else will be able to use that "whatever" now, the thing that sat on my shelf for 10 years and maybe would sit for another 10 before I got around to using it.


I bet your studio feels so inviting. Wow.
My studio is much smaller and I just got done cleaning it up as well. Now it keeps drawing me in. The hardest part is keeping it tidy. :)


Yippee!! Katie, your studio looks great! I have been inspired by you and have been culling things from my room, and trying to let go of things I collected but haven't used (in years). I am also taking a big envelope crammed with stuff to the post office to mail to Mary Ann today!!

Michele A.

So glad I'm taking your class at Artfest - can't wait. Love your studio!


I went through a cleaning of my studio too. It's amazing how uncluttered my mind is now. Good for you for sticking to it, so much work. I wish I could see it in person.

kelly snelling

Gasp! you did it! your studio transformation literally took my breath away. and gives me hope. my little space is teeny tiny but i have so much stuff just heaped and piled. i work right over it all. i can imagine it would be so much better to actually know where the heck everything is! good for you, friend! and the class looks like it was oh so much fun!!

Laura Miller

What a good organizer you are. Your studio looks so inviting. One look and you know good things happen there. Looking forward to the wedding pics.

Jennifer White

NO WAY!! This is incredible Katie, congratulations 10 times over. I need to do this in my entire house to be honest. How proud you must feel. I only wish I lived closer and would love to have been in that class to test drive....lucky ducks!

I hope you're able to enjoy the rest of your weekend with at least some time not spent organizing...have a cup of tea, in a big cushy chair, looking out some fantastic window and think of the amazing-ness that you've accomplished.


Wow, you have a lot of stuff! And a great space in which to keep it. Looks like fun was had by all.

carol sloan

WOW. AWESOME. Just.freaking.awesome. What a great job! I'll bet you smile every time you walk in!


WOW! You're hired!! You can come work that magic in my studio anytime you want! It looks really great. Enjoy.


art, wine, friends, your studio, could it possibly get any better!?
i imagine it feels so good to be in your studio, knowing all the hard work you did!


YAY!!! It looks wonderful, katie!! SO spacious!!!
I can just imagine you dancing around in the open floor space...and maybe just a little bit on the newly cleared table. ;)

I LOVE that feeling of fresh organization. LOVE IT!! It's like a new pair of shoes that makes you feel a little tickly inside when you catch a thought of them. :)

liz elayne

it looks fantastic!!!
i just want to come right over and start peeking in all these boxes and oohhhing and ahhhing over the treasures i would unearth. so much goodness all in one place.

sending you much love and peace today beautiful girl...

gina armfield

you go girl! it looks wonderful and I KNOW how much work it takes to do that and how easily it can return ;) at least mine anyway - wish I was closer so I could be in that class but you may be better off as I probably would never want to leave ;)

Judy Merrill-Smith



WOW! You worked your tuckus OFF! Congratulations!!!!


Yikes Almighty! Pat yourself on the back and enjoy a glass of wine - awesome job!

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