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May I suggest sending some of your cast-offs to Dispatch from LA, who is doing an art journaling class with 2nd and 3rd graders.

Hope this is okay, I see her blog in your list, and the journals they are doing are AMAZING!


yep, mary ann was the first person i thought of as i go through this stuff, much of which is junk, but would love to send on anything they can use.

judy wise

How did you know my heart needed a lift today? Beautiful art katie, it is the thing that always brings comfort. Glad you are making headway in the studio. xo


yes yes yes!!! I can't WAIT to have my own little piece of this beauty!
The timer is the bomb, is it not?!?! :) Me loves my timer!!!! :)


Jennifer White

Well congratulations on digging in to something that I tend to shy away from .... organizing and cleaning out the art room. And thank you for posting some pictures of your latest, they are beautiful especially the leaf stamped over the text.


lovely artwork, miss katie, and lovely that you had the opportunity to relax with friends on the coast....
i know all too well the exhaustion that comes from cleaning up a chaotic studio! stick with it - the end is in sight, keep telling yourself that, and you'll find treasures you'd forgotten along the way...xo

Cheoy Lee

Congrats on drawing nearer to finishing! It will definitely be noticeable to YOU, which is the most important thing.

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