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happy birthday to your beautiful daughter. seeing into your family times is such a treat for me, thank you. i feel like i know all of them and hope one day to meet in person.
and the cake.... Jade and India still bring up the time i made a birthday cake for jade and it tasted burnt.... i took it out of the oven and placed it on the burner to cool... not thinking that the burner was just on... it bunt the whole top layer of the cake, but i scrapped it off, and yet the flavor was ruined and tasted awful... last year we bought a cake. ;-)
xoxo much love.

leighanna light

What a beautiful family you have, Katie, & what a pretty man-woo hoo!


I thought that first picture was Violet when she was a baby! They look so much alike as babies! Cute.

Cindy In Carolina

My daughter turned 28 in January. My oh my how did 28 years go by so quick, huh?

judy wise

These photos melted my innerds. Really; Bloglines makes them real big on my computer and it was like they were life sized and so precious. Little Violet looks so much like you it's amazing - John came and and looked at the screen and remarked on it. Oh, the miracle of genetics. And the cake - I haven't baked one in so many years; you were brave to take it on. Cheers to Heather and your beautiful family.

Judy Merrill-Smith

Such sweetness! Any cake made with love is a great one, so don't fret. Happy birthday to the whole family.


awesome, hug them tight...


Wow they are beautiful and I cannot believe how big Lily Anne is already! And you my dear...you are glowing ;) (Handsome guy!)

Was just thinking of you...thankful you sent Kelly to me :)


Tracie Lyn Huskamp

dearest katie.. what an INCREDIBLE family.. I love all the smiles!

Missing You!


Laura Miller

We can always count on you to create things of beauty. Thanks for including us at this special time.

Mary Beth

Such beautiful smiles; I love seeing all these gorgeous faces. You are incredibly blessed, my dear :-)

Debbi Crane

You have such a beautiful family!

sue pieper

Katie, little Violet is looking just like you! I hadn't noticed it before, but this picture of her is so "you". Thanks for sharing your family's special day.


apple doesnt fall far from the tree...beautiful family you have!
ps..my sweet daughter is named heather also...

pam aries

Cute and happy family!


What a lovely family! Can see that sweet face in here children too.

carol sloan

what a beautiful family you have Katie! Thank you for sharing with us. And you and your man Walter are a fine lookin' pair, I must say...

Teresa aka Tess

Hi Katie, I tagged you on my blog. See in here:


they are absolutely beautiful photos...i can see the love and joy in your family..

Maija Lepore

Your photos and your family are so beautiful!!!

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