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this poem makes me think of a beautiful dance in the spring, so much movement and then it calms and the dancers gracefully tuck themselves away.... resting until the next dance...

and the painting is the perfect company for your lovely poem.

i am so glad you are with me on my night of 100 lanterns, drifting to the edges of your pond!


You always make my day. I love finding out what you are up to next. I just get lost in your wonderful stories.

Jennifer White

Your poem is absolutely lovely. I with I could write poetry, but haven't been able to break through to that quite yet. It makes me feel very serene, as if I am looking through her eyes in the picture at the green grass behind her.

Looking forward to more poems in the near future....


Much Love.
Wrapped in Light.
To tie two pieces of one heart that beat together in spite of the physical distance. Your poetry is beautiful, as nothing but beauty can be begotten from beauty.


I really love this painting


oh, and I see fishys and a face hiding ready to come out...

Fledgling Poet

This poem resonated deeply...poignantly beautiful. And the artwork, as always, makes me want to run and pick up a paint brush.


wanted to say how much I admire your work....have been visiting new people via Rebecca's shrine project, wonderful way to spend a Sunday a.m. :)


I love your poem.


thinking of you...beautiful artwork and the poem is wonderful. you inspire me!

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