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Judy Merrill-Smith

I don't think it's scary, either, but it is very human, isn't it? The hand grasping at the strong red is very interesting, too.

Jennifer White

I agree with Judy above, nothing scary about this to me... I love the intensity of the dark colors. I find I steer away from dark colors, but do love how intense they speak once they're on the page...hmm...maybe something to look in to. Have a wonderful weekend Katie...

Deirdra Doan

Katie this is very cool...it was fun to hear how you started it with collage...I like it very much and...such a great idea picking out something from a box.

Please put me on your mailing list for classes. Your work is always so inspiring...ox


I love this too, it is SO emotive.


painting and clearing is so freeing...i have missed you...happy valentines day...rebecca


Oh, I love him. Very rich in content.

And, we are purging our studios from opposite coasts! I have ten contractor garbage bags of trash and just about as much for the goodwill.... I FEEL so much freer.


You never cease to astonish me KK! Happy belated Vday and hope its a month full of love!

marie danti

I like the image; it reminds me of a self portrait by Picasso made in his 70's or 80's.

kelly snelling

i definitely see the curiosity and intensity there. no scary. and i am obsessed with Coraline. i had a button eye picture of me at my blog. i read the book in one sitting last week. now just to see the movie! oldest son is a go. littlest son is saying no way, too scary for mister six years old.

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