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Reva S. (Los Angeles)

I admit I am a regular reader of your blog but don't comment but couldn't let this post go by without saying "Mazal Tov" to you and your family - what a beautiful day - may they live the life of their dreams!
And another congrats on organizing your studio - I'm in the process but as you know it takes a lot of work! cheers! Reva (Los Angeles)

Cindy S-E

Congrats, Katie. What lovely memories these beautiful pics must bring back! Cindy


Simply beautiful! I'm sure you are so proud.

Chris Schutz

Delightful shots of the wedding day and your family. And your studio, WOW, I sitting here wanting to clap hands for you. With the non-stop approach you got so much done! What a wonderful feeling it must be to have the fire going and work away in open, organized space. CONGRATS Katie. As a family of two who have lived in the same 1000 sq ft for 34 years, I know about crowded. I feel a purge coming on...thanks for the inspiration.
Chris in PO

Jennifer White

Looks like this was an amazing time...what wonderful pictures!

Tracie Lyn Huskamp

OH KATIE... WHAT INCREDIBLE PICTURES... These are WONDERFUL . What a HAPPY DAY! The joy is so evident on everyone's faces.

Congrats again!



amazing photos!!! each one tells a beautiful story, where everyone is so happy and glowing!
thank you for sharing these with us dear Katie.

Kathleen Botsford

Wow! Enchanting is the only word I can think of! I am saving this post to show MY daughters! What a beautiful celebration of family and love!

liz elayne

what a beautiful day shared in these photos...wow!


i remember your talking about the upcoming wedding when you visited here last june. goodness, how time flies! everyone is so beautiful, especially the mama of the bride...xx


beautiful photos, the joy is obvious.

Angela Rand

Yow!! What a gorgeous couple. Katie you're gonna have some more beautiful grandchildren. Lucky girl!


Beautiful family, beautiful wedding! The absolute love is apparent in the photos.
I can relate a bit...our daughter is getting married at the beach this June. We are so looking forward to their happy event.


Wow...lovely pictures. You should be such a proud mama to have such lovely happy girls. Oh...love the photo of your studio with the table. You must have been working hard to get it done.

gina armfield

Your daughter is down right smashing! what lovely pictures of such a beautiful day - she looks so happy indeed


that is all so beautiful! thank you for sharing them.


How beautiful!!! Congrats!! Your family is so gorgeous! (of course, with such a gorgeous mama, how could it be otherwise?!)

donna joy

What beautiful pictures-and family,Congrats~


Fairy tale, indeed!

Judy Wilkenfeld

Everyone is so full of joy - lovely photos Katie. Your daughter is so gorgeous - love her face when dancing with her dad.


Wonderful photos Katie. You can rightly feel very proud and happy!

Maija Lepore

There is so much joy and happiness in these photos! I'm so very happy Marissa found her wonderful man- it's true that everything happens for a reason!!

Deb Trotter

Never has there been a more beautiful bride! Of THAT I am sure! And, oh! Those grandbabies all in white? So glad I stopped by or I would have missed this!

Hugs to you, sweet Katie.


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