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Hey Katie!

Debbi and I will be at Random Arts soaking up your sweet Katie-ness! We're so excited!


Your dolls are wonderful, love the way you've incorporated painting with fiber. Look forward to taking a class with you at A&S in Portland.
Thanks for sharing your art.


I am so excited to see you and spend time with you!!!!!

judy wise

Beautiful and mysterious, as ever. I love the faces; they always move me. See you soon.


i love the little sweetheart with her arms stretching up, what a doll! ALL of your art amazes me and inspires me so much.
cannot wait to see you very soon! xoxo


Each better than the next! Love the colors.

The dolls were delightful. The one with the hands in the air reminded me of my children when they were small and said "up up"


So that is where my heart is! She is carrying it, no wonder there is a little hole in my life where a friend presence is missing...


Oh Katie, these are so sweet. I love your art dolls. Your work is both whimsical and soulful at once. Love it. Good luck and have fun!

sue pieper

Katie, you'd never be forgotten! I was thinking of you all day today. Gary showed me some of what he called "homemade recipe books" that belonged to his elderly aunt who passed away recently. The pages & covers were made from cereal boxes, paper bags, junk mail, anything that would otherwise have gone in the garbage. Remembering you talking about your Mom saving cereal boxes (and you!) and then seeing this, just made me smile:) Photos will be taken soon & postedf on my blog, this is too sweet to not share! Enjoy Artfest!

Judy Merrill-Smith

Your plushie dolls are awesome, Katie! I esp. like the blue/yellow one, tiptoeing in the woods.

Jennifer White

I really wish I was going to Artfest...these are fabulous...Valley Ridge for me right now, enjoying Jill Berry and Kathy's fabulous-ness.


omgosh!! i love the sweater girls.. cannot wait to hug you in person!! and see all your beauty in person, only a few days now..xo


Katie, I love these dolls.

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