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the trip to the museum looks like it was much fun!! they are so sweet...love the ponytails.

what in the hail?! ;-) it was 86 here this weekend, too hot for March, but we enjoyed the two premature summer days. today it felt more like late winter... but i am craving full spring days.
i am so looking forward to seeing you soon! finally! wishing i could sneak off and take your class!!!
missing you much! xooxoxoxoo

Deb Trotter

I am loving this mobile- Katie Kendrick style!

Wish I could take this class - what fun!

So busy, but I've missed you & think of you every time I look at your work in my studio.

Things are so exciting for you - and Italy! How wonderful can life get?



Jennifer White

If only there was a children's museum when I was 5 years old, I would've rocked it! Is it too late to go when you're 41? i think that's the question... looks like a fantastic place and a ton of fun was had by all.


This is a really neat art-mobile. I'll bet it's really pretty in person.
The children's museum looks so interesting. I'm sure they had a great time.
I'm very envious of you, going to Italy. How exciting that must be. And I'll bet you are really looking forward to the class. I would be.


Ahh...love the music you posted...longing to take your class and to go on a beach walk. SOON! yes soon.

Tracy Nuskey-Dodson

Wow! I would love to take this class. Maybe next year...i need to save my pennies:)

We have a museum like that in Nj called the Discovery Museum and my kids love it!


wowee Miz Katie-your symbols class looks like so much fun--great idea clever girl!!!

The girls are adorable as always!

Thinking of you and wishing you well. Go check this out... when I saw the project I immediately thought of you--this would be something fun to "check on" while you're out walking the property.

love you--don't forget to CHILL while prepping for all your classes.



These are great! I LOVE the one of your shadow and the ferns. Thanks for sharing!

alex s

One week from today!! (It's March 25 now) I'll be making one of these beauties in your class in PT!!! Are we there yet? :-)

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