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Jennifer White

Ohhhhhh you darn artists and your temptations!!! I think Misty just referenced this same one for Fall of 2010? I am starting the trip fund now...I can't wait to take a peek at what you are in store for Katie...looks like a dream.

Bill Steiner

Every season holds something different in Orvieto. Fall brings chestnuts, truffles, and harvesting of grapes. The vineyard visit is likely to allow us to see them bringing in the grapes, which, if you haven't tasted them before they become wine, are amazing. Cristian at one of our favorite trattorias, More d'Arrone serves an absolutely wonderful chestnut soup. La Polomba Trattoria has a luscious truffle pasta. Until you taste the simple Italian food made from the freshest ingredients, there is no way to know what you have been missing. It is going to be a great week Katie. We are so thrilled to have you leading a trip with us! Bill Steiner


i want u to pack me in your suitcase missy...think of all the amazing things you will hear and see and do and the art that will happen....magic as only you can make it.

it won't be long now

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